Welcome to Chloe Fine Arts Gallery

Family-owned-and-operated, with over 25 years in gallery management, Chloe Fine Arts, LLC represents American and International Modern and Contemporary art through its well-known San Francisco gallery.

Positioned in one of the world's top art markets, Chloe Fine Arts attracts artists and clients from the Bay Area, California, United States and international locations.

The artists we represent have shown or are placed in private, public and museum collections worldwide, including: the Museum of Modern Art New York; the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco; the Chicago Art Institute; Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery; Musee de Monaco; Museum of Israel; the International Russian Cultural Foundation, Moscow; Museum of the Southwest; Pepsi-Cola; the Smithsonian Institute and the Zurich Insurance Corporate Collection, to name a few.

Not only do we represent contemporary artists through the gallery, but we source modern and contemporary art for our clients. A short list of artists recently sourced include: Matisse, Moore, Maillol, Vasarely, Calder, Dali, Magritte, Miro, Rauschenberg and Warhol.

The principal owners are proud of their commitment to their Bay Area roots. Our President and our C.O.O. are second generation Napa Valley born. Our Vice-President and resident artist, Amy Nelder, is fourth generation San Franciscan with deep roots in the politics and civic governance.

We are a leader as a sustainable art gallery, featured by PG&E as an example for California small businesses using entirely LED technology for our lighting.

Beautifully appointed, the gallery consists of seven viewing areas with exhibitions changing on a monthly basis.

Our goal is for you to feel well-informed and entertained, while knowing you are being assisted by caring professionals who have dedicated their lives to fine art.

Artist Index for

Chloe Fine Arts, LLC

645 Beach Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 749-1000

11 am to 7 pm
Chloe's Videos   
Alford, Michael   
Assad, Christa   
Benton, Thomas Hart   
Bissell, Robert   
Boyer, Winston   
Bronstein, Leon   
Bruvel, Gil   
Bueno, Giner   
Calder, Alexander   
Cassatt, Mary   
Cathelin, Bernard   
Chagall, Marc   
Dali, Salvador   
Derain, Andre   
Dine, Jim   
Douglass, Rae   
Fernandes, Alfie   
Francis, Sam   
Frankenthaler, Helen   
Gaskin, Mark   
Ginzburg, Yankel   
Herzog, Linda Ridd   
Hill, Darrell   
Klein, Yves   
Kline, Franz   
L. Harris, A3L3XZAND3R   
Leonard, James C.   
Lichtenstein, Roy   
Luongo, Aldo   
Maillol, Aristide   
Matisse, Henri   
Merriam, Daniel   
Miro, Joan   
Moiras, Jean   
Moore, Henry   
Motherwell, Robert   
Nelder, Amy   
Otsuka, Hisashi   
Parkes, Michael   
Picasso, Pablo   
Pollock, Jackson   
Quigley, Ocean   
Rauschenberg, Robert   
Renoir, Jean   
Rosenquist, James   
Rothko, Mark   
Scoppettone, James   
Stella, Frank   
Tapies, Antoni   
Thiebaud, Wayne   
Vasarely, Victor   
Volti, Antoniucci   
Vranes, Jennifer   
Warhol, Andy   
Wilson, Angus   

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