This is the only gallery in the whole region committed to promoting the art of the entire Caribbean from Haiti and Cuba in the north through Jamaica, Barbados and Guyana in the south.

This prestigious facility hosts numerous exhibitions throughout the year, highlighting the work of the region's finest artists, sculptors and photographers.

The Gallery's location in the north of the island makes it easily accessible to residents of Port St. Charles, Sandy Lane, Sugar Hill and Royal Westmoreland areas.

Visit this gallery for the finest collection of Barbadian and Caribbean art. An all inclusive adventure for the art lover, with countless expressions of colour and the ultimate art experience.

Our prices are quoted in Barbados dollars. US $1.00 = Bds $2.00
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Gallery Of Caribbean Art

Northern Business Centre
Queen's Street, Speightstown
St. Peter, Barbados
(246) 419-0858

Monday to Friday: 10:00am to 4:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am to 2:00pm
Haitian Fine Art   
Alfred, Trevor   
Alkins, Cathy   
Alleyne, Shaun   
Alleyne Forde, Susan   
Almonte, Hugo   
Armitage, Judith   
Armstrong, Hilary   
Ashby, Allan   
Atkins-Hinds, Natalie   
Attaway, Fran   
Ayres, Leonard   
Barnes, Leopold   
Bartlett, Timothy   
Bell, Margaret   
Belli, Franco   
Benoit, Oliver   
Berger, Heidi   
Bethell, Viviane   
Bishop, Melanie   
Blackman, Kenneth   
Blades, Jean   
Blomgren, Melanie   
Bonner, Steve   
Boodhoo, Ahmad Rasheed   
Branch, Wayne   
Breedy, Winston   
Brock, Janice Sylvia   
Campbell, Robert   
Castellanet, Vincent   
Catanzaro, Larry   
Chapman-Andrews, Alison   
Chatrani, Jeena   
Chevailler, Patrick   
Comber, Becky   
Daniel, Ancel   
Davidson, Alex   
Dear, Kirsten   
Emmanuel, Reny   
Evans Gibbs, Sandra   
Farag-Miller, Madiha   
Feely, Erik   
Felicien, Tarsus   
Forter-Chee-A-Tow, Catherine   
Frazer, Headley   
Garza, S.   
Gladding, Jonathan Guy   
Gonnella, Naydene   
Gonzales, Novelette   
Gopwani, Vishni   
Grandin, Donna   
Hadeed, Nicholas   
Hamilton, Gordon   
Haynes, Anthony   
Higgins, Joshua   
Hinkson, Jackie   
Hunte, Nicole   
Hutchinson, Lisa   
Hutchinson, Nakazzi   
Jean Baptiste, Daniel   
Jordan, Glenroy   
Justin, Bazil   
Kulig, Darlene   
Lavine, Frank   
Legall, Neville   
Leps, Danny   
Lynton, Everick   
Lyons, Ariel   
Macintosh, Nichola   
Mahy-Batson, Hazel-Ann   
Mains, Asher   
Mains, Susan   
Mann, Denzil   
Mapp, Clairmonte   
Mazola, Patrick   
Moise, Sharon   
Murray, Frank   
O'Neal, Joann   
Parkinson, Rosemary   
Pena, Julio   
Philip, Jackie   
Pickering, Barbara   
Poucet, Yve   
Quintyne, Timothy   
Rodriguez, Margaret   
Rose, Sheena   
Sagage, Raphael   
Saintilus, S.   
Scantlebury, Lendon   
Scott, Heather-Dawn   
Small, Amanda   
Small, Oneka   
Smith, Kim   
Stewart, Janice Elizabeth   
Stuart, John   
Taylor, Christine   
Teversham, Angie   
Tiyi, Ichia   
Trepte, Marsha   
Tudor, Linda   
Tuleja, Sonia   
Vizcarrondo, Yasmin   
Warren, Hilary   
Webster, Gordon   
Williams, Tracey   
Wingate, Claire   
Wong Chow, David   
Yearwood, Oneal   

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