Lahaina Arts Society is Lahaina's oldest outlet for the work of Maui artists. With two galleries in Lahaina historic Old Courthouse, and a bi-monthly Art Fair, it also supports an extensive program of free art education for Maui's children.
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Lahaina Arts Society

648 Wharf St

Lahaina , HI 96761
(808) 661-0111
(800) 628-4278

Banyan Tree Gallery and Old Jail Gallery open 9-5, 7 days a week.
Art Fairs approximately alternate weekends, under the Banyan Tree, 9-5.
Audette, Joan   
Ball, Emily   
Barense, Chris   
Bartlett, Jesse   
Benatovich, Deanna   
Bergstrom, Mimi   
Berletchick, Jack   
Bonnell, Jacob   
Brogoitti, Cyrina   
Camara, Karen   
Chalmers, Geoffrey Teale   
Clifton, Stephanie   
Connell, Mary E.   
Coonen, Claudia   
D. Marie   
Davy, Suzanne   
Dean, Ritchie   
DeBris, Bryan   
DeCamp, Robert   
DeJournette, Ellen   
Dertner, Erin   
DiBiase, Gregory   
Feehan, Jeanne   
Fisher, Patricia Darbee   
Flemming, Annaliese   
Fletcher, Joseph   
Freeman, Marian   
Hamilton, Sylvia C.   
Hartley, Shirley F.   
Hoenig, Bob   
Horn, Ada   
Houghton, Christopher Jam   
Hultquist, Kenny   
Jones, Bettina   
Kerns, Jayne   
Kilmer, Susan   
La Fontaine, Simone   
Levine, Stephen   
Levinsky, Ellen   
Lincoln, Gregory   
Loyd, Kenneth B.   
Lyon, Charlie   
Macedo, Ronaldo   
Macedo, Pam   
Marshall, Stephanie   
Marzocchi, Marion   
Maui Pottery/Kerr, Bob &   
Meyer, Michelle   
Miller, Randy   
Morrow, Alexandra   
Moss, Nikki (Nicholart)   
Mullen, Patrick (Moon)   
Murphy, Mary   
Naik, B. Vijay   
O'Keefe, Molly   
Okuda, Hajime   
Owens, Sharon   
Page, James   
Pathwalker, Araya   
Perry, Lana   
Pierce, B.M.   
Potts, Norma J.   
Quan, Carolyn   
Radel, Erle   
Reither, Scott   
Robertson, Peggy   
Romaine, John M.   
Ruiz, Catalina   
Shaner, Jan   
Sharp, Marianne   
Shattenburg, George C.   
Sirine, Maren   
Skinner, Amanda   
Smith, Koana   
Sobaje, Helen   
Sotelo, Nancy   
Spreiter, Janet   
St. Klair, Mitsuyo   
Stark, Michael   
Stark, Suzanne   
Starrett, Elaine   
Stevens, Jo Ann   
Sullivan, Joanna   
Suzuki, Robert   
Sweet, Monica & Michael   
Tahleh, Eleykaa   
Thompson, Peggy   
Troesh-Worrell, Leanna   
Tully, William   
Verbena, Melissa   
Vockrodt, Martha   
Walter, Patricia A.   
Warren, James   
Williams, David   
Wilson, Lois   
Wulff, Marilyn   
Young, Theresa   
Young, Wendy   
Zubaty, Rich   

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