LAWRENCE GALLERY FEATURED ARTIST, January 1 - February 28, 2010
Lawrence Gallery Sheridan
at left: "Orange Harvest" by Jennifer Diehl

New Year, New Artists at Lawrence Gallery Portland
Tony Merrithew, Carole Meyer, Charles Schweigert, and Bob Volke
along with a continuation of
Dan Chen's Show "The Noah Project"
Sean O'Grady at Lawrence Gallery Salishan
Jennifer Diehl at Lawrence Gallery Sheridan

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Lawrence Gallery

PO Box 187
(503) 843-3633
(800) 894-4278

Sheridan 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM Daily

Portland 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM Mon-Sat
12:00 noon to 5:00 PM Sunday

Salishan, everyday 10:00 to 6:00 PM
Allen, Gloria Miller   
Anderson, Tom   
Antikajian, Sarkis   
Ard, Kurt   
Atkin1, Jill   
Bailey, Mark   
Baily, Bill   
Belmore, Tangie Pape   
Belov, Anne   
Bishop, Don   
Black, Cole   
Boyles, Dee   
Bozhko, Armine   
Brodrick, J.M.   
Brooks, Victoria   
Brough, Scott   
Butler, Jeff   
Chen, Dan   
Chilina, Tim   
Cordell, Mona   
Dali, Salvador   
Dawson, Doug   
Dawson, Sheryl   
Diehl, Doug Susan&Jennifer   
Diehl, Jennifer   
Diehl, Susan   
Donaca, Joanne   
Dunbar, Amanda   
Dunbar, Judith   
Eichinger, Martin   
Engel, Sharon   
Epperson, Mary Lou   
Faust, Susan   
Faye, Susan   
Fellini, Melinda   
Foster, Catherine   
Garcetti, Gil   
Gaylen, Null And Null   
Gerber, Georgia   
Gluck, Jeffrey Jon   
Gray, Jennifer   
Gray, Jenny   
Green, Ken   
Gulbrandson, Korey   
Hamilton, George   
Harris, Mark   
Hart, Frederick   
Hoberg, Jani   
Hutchinson, Terry   
Ireland, Georgeana   
Jerome, Ellen   
Jozwiak, Bev   
Juttelstad, Phil   
Kaufman, Carrie   
Koch, Susan   
Lambrecht-Hould, Pat   
Lawrence, Brent   
Lawrence, Gary   
Lettkeman, Ted & Judy   
Lopez, Nano   
MacEwan, Tracy   
Mack, Barry   
Martin, Petros   
Mead, Joe   
Mead, Mytchell   
Metcalf, Joan   
Montoya, Tatiana   
Nelson, Vickie   
O'Grady, Sean   
Palmer, Charles   
Philpott, Neal   
Picasso, Pablo   
Pickerd, William   
Rankin, Nancy   
Ray, Shannon   
Retzlaff, Steve   
Richen, John   
Roberts, Larry   
Robinson, Gregg   
Rogers, Marty   
Rudnicki, Jacek   
Rupp, Kent   
Ruttan, Ann   
San Soucie, Pat   
Schiebold, Hans   
Schlegel, Robert   
Schwalbe, Jean   
Short, Margret   
Shu, Yiqian   
Steele, JM   
Stephenson, Allan   
Stewart, Elsie   
Stinson, Pasha   
Sumpter, Jerry   
Tipton, Nancy   
Tongue, Nancy   
Tyree, Steve   
Ulrich, Debra   
Vetrova, Natalia   
Volke, Robert   
Wallis, Jane   
Weller, Robert   
White, Jeff   
Whitman, Alisha   
Witherow, Dale   
Yelvington, Judith Lea   
Yun, Choon Hyang   
Yun, Jeonghan   

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