Liza Williams Gallery is one of the most fun Art Galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with some of the finest artists in the world. Liza also has the largest Vintage Jewelry collection in Santa Fe. On "Liza's Back Porch" there are open mics on Sundays with Liza's band playing and also various art workshops offered by Liza's artists. Come and enjoy the whimsical, thought provoking, colorful works in paint, neon, metal, stone, charcoal, etchings, and pen.
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Liza Williams Gallery

806 Old Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 820-0222
Alexander, Ruchell   
Andryc, Michael   
Bryer, Diana   
Colt, Bill   
Denicolo, Denise   
Eagleheart, Cruz   
Farrington, Robert   
Folksman, Leslie   
Havey, Maureen   
Hazard, Steven   
LaRocca, Joan   
Lynn, Shirley   
Parker, J. Kathy   
Schwarz, Jill Karla   
Slattery, Kevin   
Stevenson, Claire Rhodes   
Williams, Liza