Webster Galleries Inc.Family owned and operated in Calgary since 1979, we complement a large collection of Inuit sculpture, oils, watercolour, stone sculpture, bronzes, ceramics, pencil works and hand-pulled prints within 10,000 square feet of gallery space.

Currently the gallery houses over 80 artists and has a number of other services, including custom frame design, delivery and hanging, free consultation for both private and corporate clientelle, leasing and appraisals.
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Webster Galleries Inc.

812 11 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2R 0E5
(403) 263-6500
(888) 874-5519

Tuesday to Wednesday 10 am to 6 pm; Thursday to Friday 10 am to 8pm; Saturday 10 am to 6 pm; Sunday to Monday: Closed
Mountain Standard Time
Adams, Sheila   
Barnes, Bob   
Barnes, Lloyd   
Beaulieu, Ginette   
Bedard, Pierre   
Bellerose, Patricia   
Black, Darold   
Bondaroff, Carole   
Bowser, Jonathon Earl   
Bristow, John   
Brown, Norman   
Campbell, Dorothy   
Casson, A.J.   
Castonguay, Claudette   
Chiasson, Denis   
Collier, Alan C.   
Cook, Nana   
Cooke, Brent   
Cote, Armand   
Cournoyer, Marie-Eve   
Cross, Joseph   
Dandurand, Louise   
Elias, Shirley   
Fournier, Réal   
Gagne, Alain   
Garrett, Alan   
Gissing, Roland   
Hancock, W. Allan   
Haquette, Georges   
Harrison, Ted   
Herchenrader, Bruce   
Hine, Fraser   
Hinton, J. Thomas   
Holland, David   
Holmwood, Jeff   
Hughes, Gwen   
Inuit Artist, Unknown   
Kachkin, Alexandr   
Keenan, Pat   
Kenojuak, Ashevak   
Kirkby, Ken   
Labbe, Dennis   
Lemieux, Clément   
Lesniewicz, George (Jerzy)   
Li, Ken (Qiang)   
Lubicz, Mark   
Luttmer, Tobias   
MacDonald, Jamie   
MacRae, Hayden   
Mascardelli, Tony   
McKinnon, John   
McNamee, Sean   
Molenaar, Pieter   
Morrisseau, Norval   
Parker, Ron   
Paul, Teri   
Peelaktoak, Anilnilk   
Pettman, Clifford   
Pettman, Graham   
Phillips, Walter   
Postash, Igor   
Rea, Mila   
Reimer, Christine   
Rich, Larry   
Robinson, Clifford   
Rombough, John   
Roy, Robert   
Saltiel-Marshall, Alice   
Sarazin, Daniel   
Seib, Regina   
Shaw, Graeme   
Situ, Mian   
Skinner, Anita   
St. Pierre, Nicole   
Temple, Ralph   
Thomson, Kathy   
Tomlinson, Roy   
Toney, Don   
Totan, Clivelon   
Totan, Mark   
Varnals, Dan   
Vida, Aniko   
Webber, Rob   
Wells, Don   
Wheatley, David   
Wiens, Randy   
Yang, Pei   
Yavny, Anton   
Zdriluk, Ron   
Zhelisko, Oksana   

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