Wild Oats & Billy Goats is a whimsical and colorful folk art gallery located on the square in downtown Decatur, GA offering paintings, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, hand-sewn art, and photography by folk and outsider self-taught artists from across North America. The gallery was founded in 2010 in a desire to bring folk art to the already established and wonderful art community of Decatur.
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Wild Oats & Billy Goats

112 E. Ponce de Leon Ave
Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 378-4088

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Thu 11am-7pm
Fri 11am-8pm
Sat 11am-9pm
Sun 1pm-6pm

Blown Glass Candles   
Decatur Tourism Bureau   
Dou Dou Birds   
Ab The Flagman   
Adams, Carol   
Adams, Corinne   
Adams, Gary & Peggy   
Adams, Leigh   
Baker, Louis   
Baker, Marian   
Baker, Vesela   
Banks, Michael   
Baraban, Joni   
Beasley, Becky   
Binford, Beth   
Bisanti-Wall, Malena   
Bock, Leonard   
Born, Chelsea   
Bower, Ruthmary   
Brown, Julius   
Bustamante, Shay   
Calkin, Jamie   
Callaway, Lou   
Campbell, Anne   
Castle, Madison   
Cloudt, Heather   
Colsson, Jill & Steve   
Cook, Sherry   
Cooper, Robin Anne   
Corbo, Debbie   
Crumley, Sharon   
Dave, Meghna   
Davis, Yolanda   
Dawn, Kimberly   
Devi-dasi, Lucki   
DiBona, Patricia   
DiCesare, Lorraine   
Dudukovich, Morgan   
Dwyer, Stepanie   
Edenfield, Kay   
Erickson Wright, Sandy   
Evans, Laura   
Fincannon, Karen   
Flack, Paul   
Foster, Carla   
Friedman, Jennifer   
Galla, Corinne   
Gibbs, Kim   
Gilleland, Dustin   
Gottlieb, Harris   
Harp, Stephenie   
Harris, Debbie   
Henson, Charlie   
Hertzler, Eugene   
Herzog, Rachel   
Hill, Moni   
Hirsch, Linda   
Hofmann, Marirosa   
Huett, Mitch   
Hymes, Mike   
Jack, Bailey   
Karelson, Mark   
Kelley, Kimberly   
King, Bethany   
King, Jenny   
Kirwin, David   
Kogure, Sachiko   
Lane, Ryan   
Lawless, Tommy   
Leigh, Ginger   
Leja, Allison   
Marshall, Angela   
McAfee, Travis   
McClure, Tommy & Jelena   
McQuiston, John   
Melton, Connie   
Meyer, Bo   
Middleton, Erin   
Mills, Meddy   
Muhammad, Karriah   
Nardi, Mollye   
Nardi, Nate   
Neely, Kris   
Nemecek, Lexi   
Neukrug, Judy   
Ngo, Elizabeth   
Patel, Mona   
Pirkle, Lisa   
Ponder, Janet   
Purcell, Katie   
Ramsay, Susan   
re:loom - Initiative For   
Reines, Anne Marie   
Sams, Roy   
Sanders, John   
Schleicher, Ashlee   
Sedgwick, Hadley   
Sinclair Brown, Carly   
Skidmore, Amy   
Snead, Jim   
Sprague, David & Lindsay   
Stackpole, Allison   
Stannard, Tracy   
Stephens, David   
Stern, Jeanne   
Taylor, Kathleen   
Tillman, Tamara   
Uncommon Scents   
Vaughn, Phyllis   
Vohman, Claire   
Whispering Willow Soap Co   
Wild Oats & Billy Goats   
Winkler, Andrea   
Woolard, Tiffany   

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