M I L L E R G A L L E R Y2715 Erie Avenue - Hyde Park Square

Cincinnati, Ohio 45208

contact at(@) millergallery . com


Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10-5:30 / Sunday 11ish-2ish
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Hyde Park Square
2715 Erie Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45208
(513) 871-4420

Monday, By appointment
Tuesday-Saturday 10-5:30
Sunday: closed until spring
Ackrill, Anthony   
Addis, Scott   
Agnew, John N.   
Artist, Show   
Bach, Stephen   
Beck, David Michael   
Beilfuss, Kevin   
Berry, Colin   
Bigeleisen, Deborah   
Bluemlein, Tom   
Box, Kevin   
Briggs, Lamar   
Cardamone, M.F.   
Carter, John Michael   
Cavanaugh, Ali   
Channer, Marie   
Chidester, Wendy   
Chimento, Tony   
Cullen, Johanne   
Diamond, Ellen   
Du Toit, Isabelle   
Evans, Ned   
Fenne, Louise C.   
Fitts, Michael   
Flanagan, Ryan   
Folsom, Pam   
Gall, Theodore (Ted)   
Gamez de Francisco, Carlos   
Giust, Amy   
Gorman, Allan   
Greene, N.A., Daniel E.   
Hayward, Adam J.   
Hicks, Ron   
Hollander, Siri   
Hollingsworth, James Neil   
Hollingsworth, Karen   
Jahn, Timothy W.   
Jefferson, Rob   
Jen, Pang   
Joyner, Eric   
Kirkland, Douglas   
Lange, Otto   
Livingstone, Ober-Rae Starr   
Loehr, Sherry   
Madzo, Michael   
Makos/Solberg, The Hilton Brothers -   
Martin, America   
Metzger, Matthew C.   
Monsma, Ron   
Monteagudo, Eduardo   
Morrissey-McGoff, Deborah   
O'Neil, James   
O'Neill, Brian   
O'Neill, Hugh   
Oliphant, Brad   
Petrey, John   
Queen, Jonathan   
Raby, Pierre   
Rigattieri, Guillermo   
Riley, Bruce   
Rogers, Christy Lee   
Sheehan, Jimmy   
Shields, Tyler   
Slonem, Hunt   
Smith, James Andrew   
Stalder, Andrew   
Starke, Bill   
Stevens, Rick   
Tapson, Tana   
Thomas, Chris   
Vicini, Vic   
Warn, Graceann   
Weed, Charles   
Wert, Eric   
Whipple, John   
Wojtkiewicz, Dennis   
Wu, Zhaoming   

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