"ATTENTION" customers, collectors, buyers or distributors! We are sad to announce that Indian River Gallery is now offically closed for business and no longer making any sales!

All sales are final and will shipped by the end of the week. Please call our corporate office, Mudhead Enterprises at 877-254-4609 if you have any questions.

We want to thank all our loyal customers and outstanding venders for your past business and support. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you.

Indian River Gallery has an unsurpassed collection of Native American Art and Jewelry of the highest calibre. Representing premier artisans in Jewelry, Hopi Katsinas, Pueblo Pottery, Navajo Weavings, Paintings, Bronze Sculpture and Antiquities. With a vast selection of premier artists represented, Indian River Gallery is a Feast for the Eyes.

Among our renowned Jewelry artists are Charles Loloma, Wes Willie, Gibson Nez & Dina Huntinghorse. Our Pottery collection features such prominent artists as Maria Martinez, Toni Roller, Rondina Huma, Russell Sanchez, Grace Medicine Flower and Barbara & Joseph Cerno. We offer a large selection of Hopi Katsinas by Arthur Holmes Jr., Stetson Honyumptewa, Aaron J. Fredericks, Ron Honyouti and many more. We are honored to represent legends such as Mike Curtis, Elie Hazak, Doug Van Howd and Bill Toma in Bronze Sculpture.

Shop Native American Art, Jewelry, Pottery and Antiquities of the American Southwest.

Experience Indian River Gallery, the only Five Star Gallery of its kind.
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Indian River Gallery

Miracle Mile Shops/Planet Hollywood
3663 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Ste 680
Las Vegas, NV 89109

As of November 12, 2012 the galleries retail location has "Closed and is No Longer in Business".
Thank you to all our special customers and friends, we appreciate your loyalty and will miss you.

Blue Corn   
Charles Navasie   
Dawn Navasie   
Fawn Navasie   
Herbert Begaye   
Hilda Coriz   
Howard Nelson   
Imogene Big Medicine   
Indian River Gallery   
L. Morgan   
Lowell Talashoma Sr.   
Nicholas & Roberta   
Octavius & Irma   
Polly Rose Folwell   
Sylvia Spotted Wolf   
Tanya June Rafael   
The American Indian   
"White Buffalo", Mike Perez   
Abeita, Jimmy   
Abeita, Karen   
Abeyta, Lester   
Abeyta, Tony   
Abeyta / Tenorio, Richard / Margaret   
Ada Suina   
Adams, Ron   
Aguilar, Cliffton L.   
Aguilar, Ed   
Aguilar, Ken   
Albert, Robert   
Aldrich, Benny & Valerie   
Aldrich, Kandace   
Almodovar, Mari   
Alonzo, Stewart   
Alton Komalestewa   
Alvin Baca   
Andrew Sahmie   
Angela Salazar   
Angelina Medina   
Annie Baca   
Antonio, Frederica   
Apachito, Geneva   
Aragon, Rachel   
Aragon, Wanda   
Archuleta, Anna   
Armendariz, Jesus   
Arviso, Gary   
Ashley, Cecil   
Ashley, D.   
Atencio, Joe   
Baca, Johanna & Anthony   
Bahe, A.   
Bahe, Fidel   
Baker, Don   
Banteah, Christine   
Banteah, Kent   
Banteah, Terry   
Barber, Marie   
Beck, Victor   
Bedah, Tim   
Bedonie, Lu   
Bedonie, Pat   
Bedonie, Ron   
Begay, Betty   
Begay, Elsie   
Begay, Ernest   
Begay, Joanna   
Begay, John   
Begay, Lola   
Begay, Maedora   
Begay, Marco   
Begay, Vernon   
Begay, Wilson   
Begay, Zerena   
Begay Design, Calvin   
Begaye, Herbert   
Begaye, Marco   
Belson, Jayleen   
Ben, Arland   
Benn, V.&S.   
Benn, Virgil And Shirley   
Bennett, Raymond   
Betz, Oscar   
Beyuka, Cheryl   
Beyuka, Jasper   
Billie, Margaret   
Biss, Earl   
Bitsui, Lorena   
Bitsuie, Jack   
Bollinger, Truman   
Boone, Lelana   
Boone, Leland   
Boone, Leland   
Boone, Lena   
Booqua, Danny   
Bowannie, Adeline   
Boy, Eagle   
Boyle, Neil   
Brown, Debbie   
Brycelea, Clifford   
Burns, Gabe   
Burns, Loren   
C & A Panteah   
Cabela, David   
Cachini, Adrian   
Cachini, Wilfred   
Cadman, A.   
Cadman, Darrell   
Cain, Billy   
Cain, Linda   
Calabaza, Joe   
Calavaza, Alvin   
Calavaza, Arnie   
Calavaza, Effie   
Calnimptewa, Cecil   
Carl, M.   
Carla, Wayne   
Carpenter, Earl   
Cellicion, Angelia & Oliver   
Cellicion, Robert   
Cellion, Amory   
Cerno, Barbara & Joseph   
Cerno, Joseph   
Challenger, JD   
Charley, Lee   
Charlie, Ric   
Charlie Pratt   
Charveze, Ted   
Chavarria, Denise   
Chavarria, Denise   
Chavarria, Joe   
Chavarria, Loretta "Sunday"   
Chavarria, Pablita   
Chavarria, Shaleene   
Chavarria, Stella   
Chavez, Anastasia   
Chavez, D.&M.   
Chavez, Ephram   
Chavez, Kenny   
Chavez, Vince   
Chavez IV, Louis   
Chavez Jr., David   
Cheama, Adrin   
Cheama, Arvella   
Cheama, Cody   
Cheama, Fabian   
Cheama, Joanna   
Cheama, Lance   
Cheama, Vivella   
Cheama, Vivella   
Cheama, Wlifred   
Cheama, Wilfred   
Chee, Ella   
Chino, Terrance   
Chris Teller   
Christopher, Neito   
Clark, Carl   
Clark, Carl And Irene   
Clyde Woody   
Coble, Michael   
Concho, Carolyn   
Concho, E.   
Coonsis, M.M.   
Cooyote, David   
Coriz, Angelita R   
Coriz, Nestoria   
Cowboys and Indians   
Cuch, Casey   
Cummings, Edison   
Curlen, Nellie   
Curran, Dolores   
Curran, Ursula   
Curtis, Mike   
Cynthia Starflower   
Dale, Jeanette   
Dale, Jeannette   
Dallas, Eugene   
David Sr., Neil   
Davidson, Harold   
DeCelles, Jon   
Delgarito, Ray   
Dewa, Don   
Dillon, Jann   
Dinetdale, Will   
Dinetso, Tom   
Dishta, Duane   
Dunham, Troy   
Dunlap, Carlos Sunrise   
Dunlap, Carmelita   
Duwyenie, Debra   
Earl Talayumptewa   
Ebelaker, Richard   
Ebelaker, Virginia   
Eckardt, Bruce   
Eckhardt, Bruce   
Edaakie, Dennis&Nancy   
Elizabeth Naranjo   
Elthe, Maggie   
Elvan, Elvan   
English, Sam   
Eriacho, Emery   
Eric, Fender   
Estevan, Paula   
Eteeyan, Mary Louise   
Etsate, Todd   
Etsate, Cari   
Eustace, D.   
Eustace, Frankie   
Folwell, Jody   
Fragua, Bonnie   
Fragua, Clifford   
Fragua, Emily   
Fragua, Glendora   
Fragua, Juanita   
Fragua, R.   
Francis, Melvin   
Fred, Malcolm   
Fredericks, Aaron   
Freeman, Ken   
Frogwoman Descendent, Donna Robertson   
Gachupin, C.F.   
Gachupin, Laura   
Gachupin, Lucero   
Garcia, Alfred   
Garcia, Curtis   
Garcia, Effie   
Garcia, Greg   
Garcia, Ron   
Garcia, Rose Chino   
Garcia, Sharon   
Garcia, Virginia   
Garcia-Rustin, Shawna   
Gaspar, Dinah   
Gasper, Deborah   
Gasper, Dilbert   
Gasper, Dinah   
Gasper, Peter And Dinah   
George, Ros   
George, Sarah   
George Cordero   
Getzwiller, Steve   
Gift, Certificate   
Gladys Pacquin   
Glasses, Pauline   
Glen Whitehair   
Goldtooth, Bertha   
Golsh, Larry   
Gonzales, Barbara   
Gonzales, John   
Gonzales, Roselle   
Gordon, D.   
Grace, Medicine Flower   
Grover, Wally   
Gustine, Tully   
Gutierrez, Carol   
Gutierrez, Dorothy & Paul   
Gutierrez, Geraldine   
Gutierrez, Helen   
Gutierrez, Julie   
Gutierrez, Kathy   
Gutierrez, Lois   
Gutierrez, Lois   
H. Morgan   
Hakala, Louis   
Hakola, Lauri   
Haloo, P&V   
Haloo, S.   
Haloo, V.   
Hanaweekee, Deranna   
Hanaweekee, Stanton   
Harold Becon   
Harrison, Jimmie   
Harvey, Jason   
Haskie, Vernon   
Hayes, Tom   
Hazak, Elie   
Henderson, Marilyn   
Henderson, Mary   
Henderson, Toby   
Henderson-Poncho, Christine "Aggie"   
Herrera, Dorothy   
Hicks, Bobby   
Him, Herb   
Him, Herbert   
Hohnie, Halle   
Holmes, Alfred   
Holmes, Arnold   
Holmes Sr., Arthur   
Holmes, Jr., Arthur   
Homer, Bernard   
Homer, Fabian   
Homer, Marcus   
Honanie, Ronald   
Honanie, Watson   
Honhongva, Marlin   
Honyouti, Loren   
Honyouti, Ron   
Honyumptewa, Stetson   
Honyungua, Manuel   
Hoskie, Ervin   
Huma, Rondina   
Humphrey Jr., Paul   
Huntinghorse, Dina   
Hustito, Herb   
Hustito, Jonas   
Hustito, Karen   
Imogene Big Medicine   
Jackson, Dan   
Jackson, Lester   
Jackson, Tommy   
James, Randy   
Jensen, David   
Jim, Harrison   
Jim, Thomas   
Jim, Thomas   
Joe, Al   
Joe, Eunice   
Joe, Helen   
Joe, Lillian   
Joe, Loretto   
Joe, Louise   
Joe, Shirley   
Joe, William   
John, Alvin   
john, David   
John, Jasper   
Johns, David   
Johnson, Pete   
Johnson, Vincent   
Jones, Frances   
Joseph Gachupin Sr.   
Joseytewa, Cyrus   
Joseytewa, Joe   
Josytewa, Cyrus   
Juan, L.   
Juanico, M.S.   
Juanico, Marie   
Juanico, Marietta   
Judy Lewis   
Judy Suina   
Kaamasee, Ben   
Kaamasee, Derrick   
Kaamasee, Elton   
Kahe, Gloria   
Kalestewa, Jack   
Kamassu, Rosita   
Kaskala, Ulysses   
Kaskalla, Lavina   
Katensch, G.   
Kaye, Wilmer   
Kee, Ed   
Kee, Marie   
Kenneth Sando   
Kewenvoyouma, Harrison   
King, James   
Kinsel, Veronica   
Kirk, Andy   
Kirk, Andy Lee   
Kirk, Kim   
Kirk, Kimberly   
Kirk, Michael   
Kiyite, Fitz   
Kohlmeyer, Royce "Eagle Boy"   
Koopee, Jacob   
Kootswatewa, D'Armon   
La'hallon, Jerrold   
Laahte, Angelene   
Laate, Danette   
Laate, Max   
Laate, Maxx   
Laate, Pernell   
Laate, Pernell   
Laate, Willard   
Laban, Brian   
Lahi, Philip   
Laiwakete, Carlton   
Laiwakete, Fernando   
Laiwakete, Rodney   
Lamy, Albert   
Lasalutie, Bernie   
Lasiloo, Josh   
Lasiloo, Priscilla   
Lasiloo, Travis   
Lasiloo, Travis   
Lastyme, Bryan   
Lastyone, Bryan   
Lavato, Harold   
Laweka, Michael   
Lawrence Dallas   
Leander, Lisa   
Lee, Albert   
Lee, Emma   
Lee Tafoya   
Lee,Jr, Alfred   
Leekely, Nicholas   
Leekya, Delvin   
Leekya, Frances   
Leekya, Hayes   
Leekya, Olivia   
Leekya, Robert   
Leekya, Robbye   
Lementino, Ed   
Lente, Marques   
Lente, Melanie Kirk   
Leo Harvey   
Lewis, Delores   
Lewis, Diane   
Lewis, Dolores   
Lewis, Sharon   
Lewis, Monica   
Lincoln, Mary Marie   
Lisa Holt, Harlan Reano   
Little Elk, Michael   
Littlebear, Bessie   
Livingston, Gloria   
Livingston, Jake   
Loloma, Charles   
Lomahquahu, Alfred "Bo"   
Lomakuyvaya, Floyd   
Lonewolf, Gregory   
Lonewolf, Joseph   
Long, Roseanne   
Lonjose, Gilbert   
Loretto, Angie   
Loretto, Carol   
Loretto, Caroline   
Loretto, Mary H.   
Lowasaytee, Dionne   
Loweka, Michael   
Lowenuyewa, Pat   
Lucario, Rebecca   
Lucas, Don   
Lucas, Marvin   
Lucas, Steve   
Lucas, Steve & Yvonne   
Lucas, Yvonne   
Lucero, Lupe   
Lucero, Mary   
Lucero, Virginia   
Lucio, Gale   
Lucio, Randy   
Lucy Yearflower   
Lunasee, Reynold   
Lunasee, Ronnie   
M., C.Carl   
Mace, H.   
Mackel, Tony   
Madelena, Reyes   
Madeline Naranjo   
Malani, Dana   
Malie, Lewis   
Mallie, Louis   
Mansfield, Ben   
Mansfield, Vern   
Manuel, David   
Maria Poveka   
Marie Romero   
Marshall, Maxine   
Martin, Felissa   
Martin, Marissa   
Martinez, Alice & Ruben   
Martinez, Barbara   
Martinez, Calvin   
Martinez, Carol   
Martinez, Dan   
Martinez, Maria   
Martinez, Maria   
Martinez, Maria And Popovi   
Martinez, Maria And Santana   
Martinez, Rick   
Martinez, Ron   
Martza, Terrance   
Martza, Terrence   
Mary Singer   
Matsimeh, Susie   
McCurtain, Byron   
McElvey, Lucy   
McGary, Dave   
Medicine Flower, Grace   
Medina, Elizabeth   
Medina, Marcellus   
Medina, Sofia   
Medina, Sophia   
Melinda Toya Fragua   
Michael, Kirk   
Michelle Paisano   
Mida Tafoya   
Milan, Pablo-Antonio   
Mitchel, Laura   
Mix, Nona   
Monongye, Jesse   
Montano, G.   
Morgan, D.   
Morgan, Harry   
Morton, Rick   
Muskett, Wilbert   
Naha, Burel   
Naha, Henry   
Naha, Nona   
Naha, Rainy   
Naha, Sylvia   
Nahohai, Milfred   
Najera, Estaban   
Najera, Ruben   
Namingha, Les   
Namoki, Lawrence   
Nampeyo, Clinton Polacca   
Nampeyo, Ellsworth   
Nampeyo, Iris Y.   
Nampeyo, James   
Nampeyo, Miriam   
Nampeyo, Nyla   
Nampeyo, Wallace Youvella   
Nampeyo, Adelle   
Nampeyo, Elva   
Naranjo, April   
Naranjo, Dusty   
Naranjo, Florence   
Naranjo, Forrest   
Naranjo, Geri   
Naranjo, Jody   
Naranjo, Kevin   
Naranjo, Louis & Virginia   
Natachu, Troy   
Natawa, Stanley   
Natewa, Jonathan   
Natewa, Orlinda   
Natewa, R.   
Natseway, Charmae   
Navasie, Fawn   
Navasie, Grace   
Navasie, Joy(Frogwoman)   
Neha, Daphne   
Nehe, Daphne   
Nells, Albert   
Nells, Alfred   
Nelson, Gilbert   
Nelson Walley   
Nelwood, Ruth   
Nequatewa, Jack   
Nequatewa, Verma   
Nez, Al   
Nez, Bernice   
Nez, Charlie   
Nez, Gibson   
Nez, Kathy   
Nez, Kee   
Nieto, Christopher   
Nieto, John   
Noles, Karen   
Obrzut, Kim Seyesnem   
Olivas, Gilbert   
Ortega, Paula   
Ortiz, I.   
Owate, Josie   
Paloma, Gabriel   
Panana, Ruby   
Panana, Reyes   
Panteah, Abby   
Panteah, Travis   
Pat Howesa   
Pat Joseyvama   
Paul, Stover   
Pecos, J   
Peggy Garcia   
Peina, Calvin   
Peina, Chris   
Peina, Claudia   
Peynetsa, Agnes   
Peynetsa, Anderson   
Phillips, Loren   
Piaso, Joe   
Piasso, Happy   
Pincion, Hubert   
Pinto, A.   
Pinto, Larry   
Pinto, Marvin   
Platero, Jerry   
Platero, Leonard   
Plummer, Earl   
Pocheama, Kevin   
Polacca, Tom   
Poncho, Carlos   
Poncho, Tyrone   
Pond, Gordon   
Pooacha, Amos   
Poseyesva, Phil   
Preston, Helen   
Pvo, Phil   
Qualo, Effie   
Quam, Abby   
Quam, Alice   
Quam, Andres   
Quam, Andrew And Laura   
Quam, Dan   
Quam, Georgette   
Quam, Jayne   
Quam, Lynn   
Quam, Lynn   
Quam, Marilyn   
Quam, Rhoda   
Quam, Rick   
Quam, Gabe   
Quam, Paulette   
Quandelacy, Amy   
Quandelacy, Chad   
Quandelacy, Dickie   
Quandelacy, Georgia   
Quandelacy, Stewart   
Quandelacy, Stuart   
Quandelacy, Vickie   
Quanita Kalestewa   
Quotskuyva, Dextra   
Ramone, Geneva   
Reeves, Sunshine   
Roan, Elvan   
Robert Becenti   
Rogers, M.M.   
Rohrig, Mark   
Roller, Cliff   
Roller, Jeff   
Roller, Toni   
Romero, Brenda   
Romero, Maria   
Romero, Mateo   
Romero, Pauline   
Romero, Pauline   
Romero, Susan   
Rosales Designs, David   
Rosemary Apple Blossom   
Ross, Sadie   
Roy, David   
Russell, Phillip   
Sahme, Jean   
Sahmie, Andrew   
Sahmie, Ida   
Salazar, Elaine   
Salazar, Mary   
Sanchez, Cathy   
Sanchez, Michael   
Sanchez, Russell   
Sandia, G.   
Sandia, Geraldine   
Sandia, Natalie   
Sando, Caroline   
Sandoval, Dean   
Sandoval, Sharon   
Sandy, Hudson   
Santomauro, Tom   
Sarah, Tso   
Schaaf, Gregory   
Schmallie, Leonard   
Sekaquaptewa, Kris   
Selina, Mike   
Setalla, Stetson   
Shack, Bobby & Corrinne   
Shack, Russell   
Shack, Rosella   
Sheeche, Lorandia   
Sherman, Evangeline   
Silas, Darin   
Silas, Darren   
Silvers, W.   
Simplicio, Noreen   
Singer, Thomas   
Sintza, Destry   
Slinkey, Mangas   
Small, Mary   
Smith, B.   
Smith, Herman   
Smith, Kirk   
Smith, Kurt   
Smith, Richard Zane   
Smith, Sherman   
Snowflake Flower   
Sockyma, Mitchell   
Sockyma, Steven   
Spencer, H.   
Spencer, Ronald   
Sperling, Linda   
Spotted Wolf, Sylvia   
Sratyuwe G. Paquin   
Standing Tall, Sally   
Starflower, Cynthia   
Stevens, S.L.   
Suazo, Anita   
Suazo, Ron   
Suina, Dena   
Suina, Vangie   
Suitza, Amanda   
Supplee, Charles   
Supplee, Don   
Swann, White   
Swazo-Hinds, Mark   
Tachene, Lola   
Tafoya, Camilio   
Tafoya, Clarissa   
Tafoya, Emily   
Tafoya, Gwen   
Tafoya, Linda   
Tafoya, Lu Ann   
Tafoya, Ray   
Tafoya, V.   
Tafoya, Vangie   
Tafoya, Vickie M.   
Tahbo, Dianna   
Tahbo, Mark   
Tahbo, Pam   
Talahaftewa, Herb   
Talahaftewa, Roy   
Tapaha, Nathan   
Tapia, Ira   
Tapia, Tom & Sue   
Tate, Robert   
Taylor, Robert   
Tekala, Jason   
Teller, Grace   
Teller, Leslie   
Teller, Stella   
Tenorio, Howard   
Tenorio, Robert   
Tenorio, Thomas   
Teresita Naranjo   
Tewa, Dennis   
Toadlena, Aaron   
Todd, Westika   
Toddy, Marvin   
Tolino, Rick   
Tom, Gilbert   
Tom, Herman   
Tom, Jack & Mary   
Toma, Bill   
Toney, Peggy   
Torivio, Dorothy   
Toya, Damian   
Trammel, Jennie   
Trujillo, Adrian   
Tsabetsaye, Roger   
Tsalabutie, Jeffrey   
Tsaybetse, Edith   
Tse-Pe, Dora   
Tse-pe, Dora   
Tsethlikai, Alex   
Tsethlikai, Fabian   
Tsideh, Than   
Tsikewa, Lavina   
Tsingine, Olin   
Tsinnie, Orville   
Tso, Alvin   
Tso, Joe   
Tso, Sheila   
Tso, Sheila   
Tsosie, Boyd   
Tsosie, E. Fragua   
Tsosie, Imogene   
Tsosie, Lucy   
Vacit, R&L   
Vacit, Randle   
Van Howd, Doug   
Vandever, Delbert   
Vandever, Will   
Vickie Martinez   
Victorino, Sandra   
Vigil, Doug & Charlotte   
Vigil, Ethel   
Vigil, Minnie   
Vine Flower, Birdell   
Waatsa, Lance   
Waatsa, Lorrainne   
Wadsworth, Edison & Cheryl   
Wall, Kathleen   
Wallace, Allison   
Wallace, J.   
Wallace, Liz   
Washburn, Melinda   
Waters, Jacki   
Weahkee, Robert   
Weebothee, Lee & Mary   
Weebothee, Shawn   
Weeka, Colin   
Weeka, Eric   
Weeka, E   
Weekaty, Fred   
Weekoty, Fred   
Westika, Todd   
White, Evelyn   
White, Orville   
Whitethorne, Hank   
Whitethorne, Olivia   
Whitman, Mary   
William Begay   
Williams, Delores   
Willie, Kimberly   
Willie, Lonnie   
Willie, Wes   
Wilson, J.   
Wolf, Christian   
Wolf, Kim Spotted   
Wooten, Walt   
Wyaco, Raymond   
Yamutewa, Verma   
Yatsattie, Angel   
Yatsattie, Nelson   
Yatsayte, Angel   
Yawakia, Jimmy   
Yazza, Brian   
Yazzie, Bessie   
Yazzie, Cecelia   
Yazzie, Edison   
Yazzie, Edith   
Yazzie, Josie   
Yazzie, Laura   
Yazzie, Laurie   
Yazzie, Lee   
Yazzie, Leo   
Yazzie, Louise   
Yazzie, Marie   
Yazzie, Raymond   
Yazzie, Ruth   
Yazzie, Shirley   
Yazzie, Sally   
Yellowhair, Lu   
Yellowhorse, Alvin   
Yellowhorse, Veronica   
Yellowhorse, W.   
Yepa, Elston & Dena   
Yepa, Emma   
Yepa, Marcella   
Yestewa, Cheryl   
Youngblood, Mela   
Yunie, Albenita   
Yunie, Jeffrey   
Zunie, Karen   

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