Tyndall GalleriesJACOB COOLEY

We are thrilled to offer an incredible group of surprising new paintings
by Jacob Cooley, whose work we have proudly represented since 1989.

All of Jacob's new paintings are shown under his page in our Artists section. You may purchase any of these wonderful works through our Online Art Gallery here by emailing us at janetyndall@gmail.com or giving us a call at 919.942.2290.


The Tyndall Galleries have recently moved from University Place
in Chapel Hill to represent our extraordinary group of artists
exclusively ONLINE through our website www.tyndallgalleries.com .

We're excited to begin this next chapter in our 28-year art business as we continue to provide the wonderful paintings, ceramics, sculpture, tapestries, and photography created by the artists you have loved and collected from us over the years. These nationally renowned artists are the finest in North Carolina and the Southeast.

You may contact us ANYTIME by email at
info@tyndallgalleries.com or janetyndall@gmail.com

And by telephone at 919.942.2290
Mondays - Fridays, 11AM - 5PM

We would love to show you any works of art you are interested in seeing on this website and look forward to working with you.

All best wishes,
Jane Shuping Tyndall

Artist Index for

Tyndall Galleries

P.O. Box 2615
Chapel Hill, NC 27515
Batchelor, Jeffrey G.   
Beerman, John   
Black Semelka, Colleen   
Bodiford, Carol   
Boggess, Lynn   
Brandeis, Susan   
Campbell, Rachel   
Carter, Catharine   
Cooley, Jacob   
Cummins, Ct   
Day, Arless   
Dickinson, Linda Ruth   
Filer, Jane   
Garrison, Richard   
Johnson, Robert   
Kaufman, Sarah   
Kong, Ellen   
Lowry, Gayle Stott   
Mooers, Randall W.L.   
Prack, Mary-Ann   
Pringle, Elizabeth Cate   
Sultan, Mariyah   
Sutton, Sally L.   
Weiser, Conrad   

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