Kings Wood Art believes art is an investment of the heart and mind. Art is all about emotions, power and joy. Our gallery specializes in representing the finest in Contemporary Realism, Impressionism and Abstract Art in all mediums. Our variety of styles offers collectors an expanded selection of fine art, by those artists with the highest level of quality, taste and integrity within their chosen field of painting. Kings Wood Art promises to make the experience of investing in art, even if your first time, a rewarding, memorable and enjoyable one. Thank you for visiting our site.
Artist Index for

Kings Wood Art

74 Buena Vista Avenue
Rumson, NJ 07760

Monday - Friday 11 - 7

Saturday & Sunday: By Appointment Only
Tim Hale   
Abrishami, Hessam   
Angelo, Victor   
Atroshenko, Andrew   
Azoulay, Guillame   
Behrens, Howard   
Bolsius, Isabella   
Bolsius, Philip   
Botero, Orlando A.   
Bradley, Paige   
Britto, Romero   
Brutsky, Nathan   
Danish, Dmitri   
Darida, Alexandru   
Day, Will   
Desjardins, Claire   
Devora, Leah   
Dwyer Jr., Charles   
Eventov, Maya   
Garmash, Michael & Inessa   
Gastaldi, Jerome   
Gogli, Lenner   
Hansen, Julie   
Hare, Ray   
Hopper, Erica   
Ioco, Filippo   
Izabella, Rostkowska   
Jover, Loui   
Koller, Laurent   
Kote, Josef   
Kush, Vladimir   
Luongo, Aldo   
Mack, Bill   
Maharobeli, Lela   
Maimon, Isaac   
Max, Peter   
Nechita, Alexandra   
Neiman, Leroy   
Packard, Anne   
Palmero, Alfredo   
Park, S. Sam   
Payghamy, Parvis   
Pissarro, Frederic   
Prothero (OMNI), Jon   
Quaini, Alicia   
Raad, Lucelle   
Rader, Holly Suzanne   
Ragosta, Domine   
Razumovskaya, Anna   
Ricci, Jill   
Roulette, Leon   
Rut, Tomasz   
Schluss, David   
Segal, Eugene   
Shemi, Calman   
Sheri, Irene   
Staker, Pamela   
Stiltz, Thomas   
Suarez, Alexandra   
Sullivan, Andrew   
Tange, Jacques   
Tarkay, Itzchak   
Torres, Carlos   
Tremler, Yuri   
Tsui, George   
Warhol, Andy   
Zwarenstein, Alex   

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