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The White Gallery, LLC.

342 Main Street
PO Box 1306
Lakeville, CT 06039
(860) 435-1029

Thursday - Sunday 11 - 4 pm
Or by appointment
Ashforth, Frances B.   
Baras, Robert   
Belardo, John   
Chernow, Ann   
Cifolelli, Alberta   
Close, Mary   
Danziger, Avery   
DiMaggio, Joe   
Dunlop, David   
Dunlop, Max   
Dunlop, Max And David   
Edlund, Carolyn H.   
Filer, Jane   
Freelander, Devra   
Giannattasio, Eduardo   
Halls, Susan   
Iffland, Janet   
Jardine, Joan   
Kalish, JoAnne   
King, Louise W.   
Klotz, Drew   
Losada, Debra   
MacDonald, Elizabeth   
Manspeizer, Susan   
Martinez, Sarah   
McTague-Stock, Nancy   
Moore, Terri   
Paxton, Campbell   
Podlach, Betsy   
Putnam, Penny   
Radochia, Kim   
Rich, Harry   
Soltmann, Luis   
Stiassni, Kate   
Viola-Preciado, Laura   
Wheeler, Dennis   
Woodworth, Lilly   
Wyeth, Andrew   

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