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Hugo Herbeck

Hugo Herbeck


(b.  5/23/23) U.S. TEXAS


Hugo Herbeck, a native of Laredo has lived in San Antonio since 1951.  His devotion to the world of art began as a young boy when his talents were recognized early, leading him into the art field.  He studied commercial art for three years before turning his talents to fine art.  The artist has been compared with the late Porfirio Salinas (1910-1972) and indeed they were very good friends and painted together for twelve years during the 1950’s.  Herbeck captures Texas in all the glory given by God.  The hues are soft and natural in his work displaying drama at its best, with nature providing backdrops of Spring, Summer, and Texas Winter.  Vivid in color, his Italian scenes are reminiscent of the picturesque beauty Italy is known for.  His wife Roberta, who he met and married in 1945 while stationed in Italy, helps the artist create the true essence of a country she knew as a young woman.  Porfirio Salinas, Robert Onderdonk (1852-1917), Jose Arpa (1868-1952), and Robert Wood (1988-1979) have influenced Herbeck.  Although Herbeck is a self taught artist he took a correspondence course from Art Institutions Incorporated.  As a beginner Herbeck’s forte was drawing but now he mainly focuses on oil paintings depicting architecture, landscapes still life’s, and street scenes.

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