Vue du Tombeau d'Osymandyas et d'une Partie de la Chaine Libyque, Prise du nord-Est. Thebes. [Pl.26,


Copper Engraving

H 21in x W 33in


" Description de l'Egypte au recueil des observations et des recherches qui ete faites en Egypte pendant l'expedition de l'armee Francaise" consists of 26 volumes of text and 11 large folio volumes of copper engraved plates. These beautiful engravings are the result of the research and observations made by the government sponsored scientific and artistic commisions that accompanied the French army during Napoleon Bonaparte's occupation of Egypt from 1798-1801. The images of the architecture, the monuments, the antiquities and the culture of ancient Egypt combined with contemporary views of the country brought to the attention of the world Egypt's previously unknown great achievements and mysteries. The work to edit and compile all the various forms of research was begun in 1809 after the army returned to France and was completed in 1830. This is a spectacular collection of beautiful copper engravings detailing a great historical event. There is a publishers stamp in the upper right margin. This print is a double size and has the original fold down the center with some foxing in the fold and is in good condition. There are a few insignificent very small tears on the edges.

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