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Leonid Afremov

Original Oil on Canvas

H 24in x W 30in

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"NORMANDY" is an Original Oil Painting on Canvas by Leonid Afremov. Image Dimensions are 24" x 30". Gallery Retail is $8,500. The artwork is in perfect condition. It was acquired from the artist's private collection. It has only hung at the Afremov Estate in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, since it was painted. It is the Original artwork. It is the Original artwork. It is NOT a giclée or recreation of the original - Again, it is the ORIGINAL! Medium: 100% hand painted oil painting on Canvas by Leonid Afremov - One of Kind Original Painting - Signed by Leonid Afremov. Certificate of Authenticity is directly from the artist.

What Leonid has to say about "NORMANDY." Quiet charm of Normandy! With its vast green fields, rich history and idyllic rural life, Normandy is a picturesque and romantic region you will never forget. It is most famous for: 1. Apple plantations and dairy products, in particular cheese. 2. Magnificent medieval castles and abbeys. 3. Numerous museums and art exhibitions. 4. Annual Autumn Festival with music, dance and theater performances. 5. Beautiful nature and breath-taking seascapes. On this fine sample of original art created by famous modern artist Leonid Afremov, we see a piece of Norman harbor lined with colorful houses characteristic of European architecture. Although the painting bears no immediate resemblance to the actual scene depicted on the canvas, it's enough to convey the unique atmosphere of Northern France and give us an impression of seeing everything with our own eyes. Night at the pier. If you look at the painting closely, you'll notice three remarkable things about it. The first is a subtle dance of reflections on the water surface. Painted in bright colors, they seem to emit light on their own. The second thing that catches your eye is the careless manner in which the buildings are depicted. All of different colors, size and shape, they look more like doll houses made from cardboard, but that what makes them so charming and cute. Most of the windows are dark, but the upper floor on the right is lit up with a soft cozy glow and we can imagine what is happening behind it in this late hour. Finally, there is a motley night sky speckled with all shades of the rainbow that gives the entire scene a festive look. Although the picture lacks direct sources of light like lanterns or the moon, it seems to be illuminated from the inside because the very place painted on the canvas is so cheerful and hospitable. Design your house with style; this inspiring cityscape with sea motives will make a great addition to your art collection and give your interior design a more contemporary twist. You can easily imagine looking at this marvelous scene from your own window and feel the light breeze of La Manche on your face. Take a trip to Normandy without leaving your home any time you wish to break out of everyday reality just by admiring this beautiful original artwork!

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