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Sorrel Sky Gallery LH Selman Markay Gallery

 Mountain Trails Gallery

 L.H. Selman

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 John Phillip Hagen  Ben Nighthorse  Nelson Boren  Laurent Craste
 John Phillip Hagen  Ben Nighthorse  Nelson Boren  Laurent Craste

About Masterpiece Online

Masterpiece Online is an online marketplace containing the collections of art galleries and fine antique businesses from around the world. With hundreds of art businesses represented Masterpiece Online is the largest curated collection of art and fine antiques anywhere in the world. Masterpiece Online is the wholly owned property of Masterpiece Solutions, Inc.
Here you will find every art style and movement including Contemporary Art, Classic Art, Pop Art, Abstract Expressionism, Impressionism, Cubism, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Surrealism in every form and medium including Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Drawing, Jewelry and more. 
Masterpiece Online will allow you to browse art, create and list of favorites, share with other and buy directly from the site. You will even be able to participate in our eBay style auction where galleries and artists publish select works for you to bid on. 
Masterpiece Online exists as a service to users of Masterpiece Manager art business software and web site solutions. With over 1400 galleries, Masterpiece Manager is the world's leading gallery management software. Users of Masterpiece Manager leverage the same tools they use to manage their day to day business to publish their collections to Masterpiece Online.
The galleries and artists that work with Masterpiece Online control the works they list here. All items available for purchase will contain an "Add to Cart" button. If purchased, the gallery will work with you directly to complete your transactions and deliver your new item to you. 
Masterpiece Online also features an eBay style auction. Here, registered visitors will be able to view, browse and bid on items. When the bidding period of each item is completed those with bids above the reserve price (the minimum acceptable selling price) will be converted into sales. You will receive an email notifying you of the successfully auctioned item. The gallery will then deliver your item to you.