pages 28-29
could you make my butterflies fly? (page 18-1
and turned away from the mountain (page 21-21
the way of many footsteps (page 22-23)
she took a silver needle (page 24-25)
on the third day of walking (page 26-27)
winking moon
frogs croak, ducks quack
cats in front of fire
brr, brr warm up time
teachers and jugglers
the day of the procession
splendid, splendid!
if kisses were raindrops
i warned the moon to rise a bit higher
go in, make it snappy!
pop separates them
bride and groom smooch
dont chew gum in the bathroom
dont pick your nose
animal marching band
yak yakking
holding hands
frogs leaping
cake in the water
a balloon
her dream
the magic