le christ
madonna and child
dona laura
staten island (edition of 50 blue)
1981 (edition of 10)
artist (edition of 10)
block (edition of 10)
dj (edition of 10)
conga player (edition of 10)
dr. jazzwell (edition of 200)
el guitarrista (edition of 100)
f.m. jenkins (edition of 200)
e.z. combkeyzies (edition of 200)
harlem rose (edition of 200)
mos cello (edition of 200)
jazz in red minor (edition of 10)
trumpet man (edition of 10)
echoes of harlem (edition of 300)
frozen music (edition of 200)
father butterfly (edition of 200)
jackson jive (edition of 200)
old skool (edition of 200)
puerto rican (edition of 200)
bronx (edition of 50)
puerto rican chica (edition of 200)
flat top (edition of 25)
salvador (edition of 25)
el cubano (edition of 25)