chinese inlaid rosewood serving tray
japanese lacquered butterfly box
japanese bronze gourd
fine japanese gilt imari porelain charger
ashanti carved wood bench
burmese dry lacquer buddha
chinese shenxi cabinet
indonesian top
indonesian top
indonesian top
tiger rug 19th century sino-tibetan
indian bagh pillow
japanese small funa-dansu
japanese sea chest
japanese nihon matsu
korean chest (bandaji)
japanese copper encased seaman's safe
japanese apothecary chest
japanese wood carving of bodhidharma
japanese makie hibachi
japanese makie-e te-bachi
japanese paulownia wood (kiri) makie-e te-bac
japanese ceramic molded bishamonten
philippine pine wave bench
deer hibachi makie
japanese 4 panel crane screen
japanese 8 panel fuji screen
japanese copper vase with silver inlay
japanese bronze carp vase