quartz pick
ole route 66
the couple
braided figure
braided figure #2
in rock butte
san carlos gold
play me the blues
old jerome
alligator juniper dining table
alligator juniper side table
n151 bisbee turquoise necklace
sedona- doe mountain
sedona- schebly hill
sedona- back country
most high
floral bouquet #1
floral bouquet #2
floral bouquet #3
new journey necklace
free form necklace
whimsical pendant #1 on cable
whimsical pendant #2 on cable
mobile pendant on cable
musical note earrings
double hoop bark earrings
silhouette earrings
desert earrings #2
mobile jacket earrings with pearls
slide rock
a river runs through
sunset horizon
blue heron woman
crow medicine boy
sacred space
iridized sky house
dark cloud light sky
walnut sideboard table
stone furniture set with fire table
native hummers
cactus splendor
saguaro sunrise
green view
horned toad pendant- polished bronze
horned toad pendant- raw bronze
the open gate pendant- polished brass
the open gate pendant- raw bronze
the open gate pendant- polished silver
singing violin
agave sees on
tree with a view
perfect afternoon
rhymes with orange
desert music
red rain
kind of blue
house with blue corners
prayer stick medicine
call of the wild
december morning in the desert
quiet bend
corrales storm
mountain road
iris and friends
hill top view
autumn wood pile
chamisa snow
a night in santa fe
a desert stroll
red & white dot scarf
agate shade lamp- vintage metal base
small agate lamp on wood base
sedona vista
window on the canyon
red prickly pear blossoms
yellow prickly pear blooms
tully's drift #2
tully's drift
ancient ones decorative teapot #16-74
the batiks decorative teapot #16-75
weathered bronze decorative teapot #16-77
feathered batiks decorative teapot #16-80
the brights- 12oz mugs
juniper trunk
aztec peak
san carlos rain
double thunderhead