rocky mountain sunbathing
eve of st. john
when thunder roared #24/45
hair triggered #4/7 / duncan
stand of the strongheart mw
mountain chief 12/40
manuelito 18/45
bereaved 9/18
party animal 48/50
ruthie 20/30
motion detector (grey wolf) 6/35
sunflower bouquet 30/31
keeping the ball rolling (l) 4/11
waiting for grandpa (l) 3/31
funny papers 4/31
on a lope
on a spree
in the valley of ten peaks
gentoo 11/20
rain in the face 4/7 ls (scd resale)
first street prince 9/20
little buckaroo
paying respect
pensive 6/20
closing in 3/21
headwaters of the bow
feelin' his oats #35/45