raid at victoria
horizon 8/17
spanish ranch cow camp
into the dawn
mountain chapel
misty morning - rigden
vantage point #ap/21
the sneak #2/35
bound for cover #25/30
on the prowl-mini #96/150
on the prowl-mini #99/150
big island palms
free spirit #19/35
green wing 28/30
with these hands 10/17
cougar in repose 4/20
the journey
beach bound study 4/31
content 2/11
in the valley of zion unframed
winter eagle child
time to sell the saddle
my heart is in your hands 12/17
wearing thin 10/11
vintage female skier 1/9
young men of the enemy fear his horses bust 7
pastoral poetry (cow & moon) aluminum
chromed and stacked fritzler
grizzly bear study #10/20