beach #2, unique bronze casting
morning at fern lake resale jared mahers
apache renegade
moonlight hunters 9/25 shinabarger
yellow on blue
leaves of grass s 13/31
dusk s with ring 5/17
dusk m without circle
big fish story m 22/31
building roads s 9/31
da mi un baccio tiny 24/50
galileo s 20/50
hula hoop s 28/31
leaves of grass l 9/31
mom and molly m 2/31
riding it out s 5/21
with these hands 3/17
the acrobat 3/30
east vail- resale for jeff o'hare
white flag 76/150
pas de deux 10/18
moment of solace
tango #4/17
sunrise over sleeping indian
a glitch in the process
horse creek gravel bars
meandering stream through snow covered hills
late afternoon at mesa lake resale tim duncan
afternoon in the sierras resale tim duncan