big itch 6/24
spring afternoon in the san juans*
prairie school girl 3/31
can you fix it? 3/21
shimmy #4/17
muse 3/9
mr. dandy is stepping out 13/15
forever wild 6/15
memory of stone 1/15#
pisces rising #1/12
wanna ride (tiny) 3/21
study of a roan
beneath the cottonwood
taking a break
vengeance 8/35 gallery resale
the emperor 6/20 resale
horses of the flying j van hee horses
little basin creek
old ranch on cottonwood creek
october 4th
mesa creek
his majesty
resto cuchara #12/100
study for extreme #3/20
pika pika / ed. of 15
desert solitaire / ed. of 11
barnyard politics 3/15
three graces (small) 5/17