crane 3/17
tree 4/17
eagle 4/17
earth #13/17
leaf boats fountain 4/21
the hungry loop 1/20
the paint mare
mom's image
circle of cranes, ap/21
highway of hope
fallow deer entry table
torre del alminar
bear pause hindery resale
bearing wall hindery resale
horizon glass base 12/17
king of the cadillac #7/20
shortcut relief ornament small
baby spoon
vida del noche
change of location resale kelly brinkerhoff/
asking for forgiveness resale kelly brinkerho
crystal valley winter
trust (ornament)
trust (ornament) 2
commanchero two step
people of the red tail hawk #18/35
lion of st. mark
watchman of loretto bay 11/20
auroch echoes