js025 medium spouted; jonathan's wild cherry
js026 large spatula; jonathan's wild cherry s
js029 small fork salad set; jonathan's wild c
js030 folding hors d'oeuvre tong; jonathan's
js031 citrus peeler; jonathan's wild cherry s
jsl004 left handed medium spatula; jonathan's
jsl015 left handed slim spoon; jonathan's wil
jsl019 left handed original lazy spoon; jonat
jsl020 left handed wiggle slot lazy spoon; jo
jsl022 left handed lazy ladle; jonathan's wil
jsl024 left handed lazy spouted ladle; jonath
jsl026 left handed large spatula; jonathan's
jsl027 left handed spootle lazy spoon; jonath
kr912 olive burl closed form
kr914 spalted golden maple closed hollow form
box elder burl vase by lane phillips
catalpa bowl 10-1/2" by lane phillips
catalpa bowl 9-1/2" by lane phillips
walnut bowl 9" by lane phillips
spalted maple bowl by lane phillips
mk036 segmented zebrawood vase with african b
mk047 "meteor shower" tinted oak closed hollo
mk050 tinted segmented oak bowl with gold rim
mk053 segmented chf fire rising series (blood
nm003 lipstick hand knitted fiber arts shawl
nm006 confetti hand knitted fiber arts shawl
nm049 fancy nancy black shawl
nm050 fancy nancy white shawl
nm052 fancy nancy silver hand knitted shawl
od001 sawdust fired cat
od011 "owl" sculptured clay
"tree house"
od025 "bedtime prayers"
tlwa078 mountain troll
stacked animals in porcelain by old dog boyd
"the holy family" hand sculpted by old dog bo
medium red vase "original" by owens pottery
opr001 xl rebecca pitcher by owens pottery
small rebecca pitcher by owens pottery
glow pots by owens pottery
red tapered candle stick holders by owens pot
red medium basket bowl by owens pottery
miniature red pitcher by owens pottery
large red tapered candle stick by owens potte
pre149 fine silver earrings - large hollow di
pre294 fine silver lidded box pendant with en
pre320 earrings - leaf series by pam east
pre578 fine silver earrings oval double
pre676 - fine silver oval earrings
skdle1 little enchanter kaleidoscope by shery
skdlt little twister kaleidoscope by sheryl k
skdlw little wizard kaleidoscope by sheryl ko
skdt twister- wandscope long kaleidoscope by
skmk starlite kaleidoscope
skrk starlet kaleidoscope
skrkpd starlet parlor kaleidoscope by sherry
siam swarovskis and sterling swirls bracelet
rsp008 mineral poplar vase
choker necklace by avindy; bone multistrand w
tv591.111 wispy jingle earrings with smoky qu
earrings by avindy carnelian pear hoops
earrings by avindy; pink topaz, london blue a
magnet bracelet by avindy
wc051 "two terns"
wc100 "eastern bluebird"
wc141 "frazier magnolia"
wc160 "pair of eagles"
wc170 "baltimore oriole"
wc214 "rolling waters"
wc228 "plovers"
wc248 "eagle on limb"
wc255 "trio of birds"
wc261 "brown thrasher"
wc308 "golden wing warbler"
wc313 "pink bud"
wc314 "pink flowers"
wc327 "sparrow"
beautiful blue crystalline vase by william &
wpk074b blue & brown crystalline vase by will
wpk079 beautiful blue crystalline vase by wil
js019 original lazy spoon; jonathan's wild ch
js027 spootle lazy spoon; jonathan's wild che
mf052 yin yang puzzle box
mf051 rock-it burl walnut & maple puzzle box
js023 mixing paddle; jonathan's wild cherry s
crystalline vase
raku pottery
od066 "farmer"
kr934 olive and ebony box with finial
kr939 crabapple closed hollow form
tv426.208 magnet bracelet
necklace by avindy
nm002 celebration handknitted shawl
ks003h oversized wristwatch for desk or wall
skrkxd dark starlet interchange kaleidoscope
skekw jubilee - walnut kaleidoscope
pre705 pendant
framed copper coils; earrings
mf062 deluxe bottom puzzle box
mf064 leaf marquetry puzzle box