mf066 padauk diamond inlay spin box
white oak goose neck gourd with stand
st. francis of assisi
the empty tomb
single strand knot ring
pre756 leaf series pendant with pearl
pre774 lentil series pendant
pre777 leaf series fine silver earrings
pre801 leaf series fine silver earrings
pre805 lentil series pendant with chrysophras
indian rosewood pierce carved double oval
indian rosewood double carved rim bowl
brazilian rosewood bowl
wc374 "turtle"
wc413 "eagle"
wc381 "red and yellow flowers"
wc371 "cattails"
wc340 "holly berries"
wc401 "dove"
wc391 - "duck in flight"
crystal elegance; earrings
sierra style pen
sierra style pen
walnut bowl
apple bowl
braided window cuff bracelet
raku pottery
raku pottery
raku pot
raku pot
raku pot
raku pot
cotton shawl
big green bead ring
pre827 fine silver earrings - 22k gold accent
pre830 fine silver earrings - colorful patina
pre846 fine silver earrings
pre877 fine silver pendant - sumi-e- series -
pre880 fine silver pendant - sumi-e series -
pre886 fine silver pendant - chinese poetry s
pre887 fine silver pendant - chinese poetry s
box elder burl closed hollow form
sauron cuff
swirled gold and silver ring
etched copper discs
lying down pig
sitting pig
running pig
rlw344 "all aboard"
pre840 fine silver earrings
pre842 fine silver earrings
pre855 fine silver earrings - hearts w/22k go
pre869 fine silver pendant - lentil hollow-fo
pre885 fine silver pendant - chinese poetry s
pre575a earrings - kanji double w/24k gold (g
wc392 - yellow breasted bird"
wc395 "brown & yellow bird"
wc393 "brown and white bird"
wc396 "kestrel"
wc394 "golden winged warbler"
ta5369 crystal elegance
ta5502 elegant polymer clay bracelet
wc388 - "goldfinch"
ta3167 alder spirals
ta5520 gorgeous goldstone
two kids on a horse
50364 earrings
593101 earrings
593123 earrings
ta5567 clay conundrum
ta5574 etched brass ring
ta5602 spring brass ring
wc430 "winter"
wc431 "lighthouse and palms"
wc433 "falling waters"
wc435 "crashing waves"
wc436 "geese" on wood
kr1003 marblewood & ebony closed hollow form
ta5584 clay and brass ring
ta5647 enamel pendant
ta5657 jonquil tornadoes
ta5654 raspberry jam
ta5656 sea green tornadoes
ta5517 turquoise lentil ring
ta5670 rustic triangles
ta3025 ceramic pendant choker
ta5710 box elder choker
pre936 fine silver earrings
tr067 large white and grey raku
tr068 tall copper raku
tr069 tall copper and green raku
tr070 big round copper raku pot
tr072 stout turquoise black and white raku
od055a "the bachelor" log cabin series
ta5806 copper band ring
od048a mounted town folk
od048b mounted town folk
od049a town folk
gg410 box elder burl bowl