gg411 figured box elder closed hollow form
gg416 carob open hollow form
od089 children sled riding
ta5792 bling ring
ta5795 bling ring
ta5796 bling ring
ta5797 bling ring
ta5843 gypsy fans
ta5858 floating crystals
ta5866 pearls and crystals ring
ta5887 floating fuchsia crystals
kr1013 walnut closed hollow form
kr1011 marblewood and ebony closed hollow for
kr1010 redwood burlbox w/agate finial
ta5891 heart necklace
ta5942 modern vintage
ta5933 abstract ear art
ta5938 pearls and crystal ring
rlw348 "last light"
kr1025 hackberry rollie bowlie closed hollow
kr1027 hackberry closed hollow form w/walnut
ta5990 tread lightly
ta5700 blue goldstone dangles
ta5996 padma drops
tv10.343g avindy gold log necklace
kr1044 cherry closed hollow form (enhanced- "
ta6051 aztec burl
ta6085 leafy dangle
skcw eclipse kaleidoscope
pre983 fine silver earrings - double triangle
ta5714 purple paua
ta6133 raspberries and grapes
ta6164 pearls and crystals ring
tr086 raku pot
tr089 raku pot
tr090 raku pot
tr093 raku pot
tr103 raku pot
tr117 raku pot
wpk136 purple crystalline vase
wpk148 bluish green crystalline vase
kr1050 palm & ebony closed hollow form w/ebon
kr1041 sumac closed hollow form enhanced
kr1042 walnut closed hollow form (little brow
kr1031 walnut closed hollow form enhanced
kr1047 cherry closed hollow form carved
kr1032 walnut closed hollow form
ta5900 silver cascade
ta6178 crystal pharoah ring
ta5975 squiggle copper ring
wc463 mountain stream
ta6266 braided copper watch
tv180.1058 43" 14k gold fill chain with fall
ta6276 leopard fans
od111 rooster
od112 "turkey" sculptured clay
pre1006 fine silver earrings
pre1016 fine silver earrings - leaf series
pre1018 fine silver earrings - leaf series
pre1024 fine silver earrings - leaf series
pre1049 fine silver earrings
pre1050 fine silver earrings
pre1060 fine silver earrings
pre1064 fine silver earrings w/22k gold accen
ta6296 organic bling earrings
nd018 hosta leaf bowl
jy113 white oak goose-neck gourd w/stand
ta5196 wood cross necklace
ta6285 wood cross cab
kr1038 walnut w/cocobola enhanced closed holl
kr1040 cherry closed hollow form w/carved lea
kr1054 maple closed hollow form enhanced
ta6280 enameled crosses
ta6334 spinners
ta6335 tribute to azurite
tv10.345 handmade antique sterling silver cro
ta6212 frilly fans
ta6370 fuchsia crystal dangles
pre1100 copper pendant with enamel
ta6410 precious purple
ta6416 mosaic turquoise bracelet
ta6248 emerald city
ta6290 canary wood diamond
ta6311 chivalrous chevron
ta6423 teal and aluminum bangle
ta6424 brown braided bangle
ta6449 brass and bead choker
ta6443 wraparound leather braid
tv180.1066 serengeti 14k gold twisted organi
tv112.4132 cappadocia double wrap on antiqued
tv120.1048 cappadocia knotted necklace
tv595.105 swing earrings w/chrysophrase, gree
ta6093 reversible sea green treads
od119g "spring flowers"
emc022 crystalline pottery
emc024 crystalline pottery
wpk191 crystalline pottery
wpk192 crystalline pottery
wpk205 crystalline pottery
wpk215 crystalline pottery