ta6490 studded skinny cuff
opr045 large 3 handled red vas
opr047 large red 2 handled vas
opr048 large red 2 handled vas
opr049 large red 2 handled vas
opr050 rebeccah pitcher
opr051 rebeccah pitcher
opr052 red 3 handled vas
opr056 round red pot
opr058 large red 2 handled bowl
opr062 red candy dish
opr066 red genie jar
tv426.292 taj mahal magnet braclet/necklace
tv595.159 taj mahal baby brio amethyst earrin
pr002 tall handled mug, salt & soda glazed
pr003 bean pot w/ lid, salt & soda glazed
pr004 teapot, salt & soda glazed
pr006d pitcher, salt & soda glazed
pr011 vase, salt & soda glazed
pr015 vas, salt & soda glazed
pr017 vase, salt & soda glazed
pr021 vase, salt & soda glazed
pr023 vase, salt & soda glazed
pr024 vase, salt & soda glazed
pr030 vase, salt & soda glazed
tv222.1207 santorini collection pearl duo ne
od132 the last supper
od136 a scribe
ta6584 elegant polymer clay earings
od146 building a new log cabin, log cabin ser
ta5701 peridot dangles
ta6609 reversible color drops
wc445 "warbler"
od119h spring flowers
od119i spring flowers
od119j spring flowers
wpk227 3 way crystalline lamp
tv160.1122 "sedona" collection double wrap ne
tv198.3219 "sedona" collection double wrap ne
tv595.124 "sedona" collection earings
tv595.140 "sedona" collection brio earings
tv50.232 lg wire pear hoop earrings, antique
tv50.232g knotty pear hoops in 18k vermeil
tv50.231g medium pear hoop earrings in gold v
tv50.226g gold vermeil nest earrings
tv10.445 hammered sterling silver cross neckl
ta6595 copper celtic cross
ta6613 stone choker
kr1114 hackberry closed hollow form textured
kr1115 hackberry closed hollow form textured
kr1116 hackberry closed hollow form w/cocobol
jcq072 rural landscape
jcq075 poppy field
jcq076 olive grove
ta5599 golden hoops
ta6578 polymer beauty
pr036 large 2 handled vase
pr037 blue striped vase, 3 handled
pr038 blue striped vase, 2 handled
pr041 vase 2-handled
pr044 vase 3-handled
pr047 vase
pr050 vase
pr051 vase
tv426.256 parrot collection necklace / brace
ta6751 copper medley drops
ta6790 silver antler ring
ta6826 purple haze
ta6830 copper feathers
pre1120 fine silver earrings - leaf series
pre1127 fine silver earrings - leaf series
pre1137 fine silver earrings - leaf series
pre1138 fine silver and copper earrings
pre1146 fine silver and enamel earrings
pre1151 fine silver earrings
pre1153 fine silver earrings
pre1155 fine silver earrings
pre1162 fine silver earrings
pre1169 fine silver earrings
ta6842 pearl wrapabout
ta6845 stacked rings
pr057 teapot, salt and soda glazed
pr058 teapot, salt and soda glazed
ta6848 copper corset ring
vp1104 texture crackle lizard
vp1105 zentangle red bird
vp1106 zentangle with beaded rim
pre1122 fine silver leaf earrings
pre1130 fine silver leaf earrings
pre1157 fine silver earrings
tv101.1445 grey pearl with mystic topaz-anti
ta6912 crystal elegance
ta6775 china platters
tv10.630g 18k gold vermeil "be" charm and lar
tv20.193 hand crafted sterling silver vintage
ta6774 over easy
ta5318 wooden tears
ta5801 crystal dice ring
ta7041 crystal solitaire
tv223.1244 trio of sapphires and champaign qu