tv101.1501 tundra sapphire briolettes on laye
tv595.198 wispy briolettes earrings
dud191 footed tropical almond with carved whi
dud192 cherry bowl with burned design rim
dud194 walnut bowl with carved lily leaves
ta7081 azure tornadoes
pr070 large elegant vas, salt & soda
pr071 large elegant vas, salt & soda
ta7092 copper diamond-hatch ring
kr1140 spalted beech closed hollow form
wc500 "eagle"
wc518 country house
wc571 back of house
od188 moses and the ten commandments
ta7137 copper band ring sixe 12
ta5549 yellow top ring
ta6485 braided suede
ta6841 black leather wraparound
kr1059 hackberry closed hollow form w/cocobol
kr1064 hackberry closed hollow form enhanced
kr1069 hackberry closed hollow form
kr1103 hackberry closed hollow form
kr1104 hackberry closed hollow form w/walnut
pre1147 fine silver & enamel earrings
pre1183 fine silver earrings
pre1186 fine silver earrings
pre1194 fine silver earrings
pre1198 freeform pendant
pre1203 mokume gane series-fine silver & copp
kr1153 hackberry closed hollow form
kr1143 spalted beech closed hollow form
kr1146 wormy ash - natural edge
ta7134 rustic round necklace
ta7199 enameled cobras
ta7200 enameled copper coils
ta7202 cobalt corkscrews
ta5742 spiral squiggles
ta7042 crystal solitaire
ta7051 leather braided bracelet
pre1208 fine silver earrings - leaf series
pre1209 fine silver earrings - leaf series
pre1220 fine silver earrings - leaf series
pre1221 fine silver earrings - leaf series
pre1227 fine silver earrings - leaf series
pre1229 fine silver earrings
pre1239 fine silver pendant - cutout with gen
pre1246 fine silver pendant - leaf series wit
ta5563 autumn clay drapes
ta5759 dove gray twisters
koz002 crystalline vas tigereye
koz003 crystalline vas white on teal
koz004 crystalline vas white on green
koz009 crystalline vas white on teal
koz010 crystalline vas white on green
koz013 white on teal crystalline vas
ta5763 sterling silver wrist hugger
ta6921 iron maiden
ta5766 sterling silver scrollwork necklace
ta5773 candy drop necklace
ta5774 candy drops
ta5776 mary jane shoe
ta7151 tribal triangles
nj154 brown spiral twill with hardwood base
jk155 wook/silk wrap - multi colors
tv51.142 sterling silver pear hoop earrings w
tv10.522cs antique sterling silver mini carti
tv10.545g 18k gold vemeil cross on antique st
ta5823 leslie's labradorite
ta7247 recycled wrist braid
kr1159 spalted beech closed hollow form
pre1250 fine silver earrings
pre1254 fine silver earrings
pre1255 fine silver earrings
pre1256 fine silver earrings
ta5885 egyptian crystals
ta5886 egyptian chandeliers
ta5884 crystal sunset
ta6046 gold-filled coils
ta6809 crystal elegance
ta5823a adjustable agate necklace
pre1272 fine silver pendant with natural tril
ta5560 copper door knockers
ta6033a amethyst mayan magic
ta6101a gold-filled wrapped brazilian cherry
ta6113a copper knot ring
ta7056 royal blue dragonfiles
pre1279 fine silver earrings leaf series
barb151 charming 7 1/5" sterling silver brace
barb152 byzantine 8 1/4" sterling silver brac
barb158 foxtail 8 1/4" sterling silver bracel
barb159 millipede 8 1/2" sterling silver brac
barb160 noahs ark 7 1/2" sterling silver brac
ta5528 medium adjustable copper ring
tv227.1014 seafoam necklace with layers of aq
tv595.273 seafoam earrings with calcite briol
ta6140a circles and swirls
ta6252a fuchsia pearl drops
ta6256a copper bow tie bracelet
pre1281 fine silver earrings
pre1282 fine silver earrings