pre1288 fine silver pendant freeform series
pre1289 fine silver necklace freeform series
pre1290 fine silver necklace freeform series
ta6456a bow tie bracelet
ta6500a ancient clay dangles
ta6227a lime green enamel top ring
ta6228a green enamel top ring
ta6686a iridescent triangle
fn027 soft green tulip crystalline vas
fn033 aqua crystalline tulip vas
pr077 slim vase, salt & soda glazed
pr078 tall pitcher, salt & soda glazed
pr086 3 handled vase, salt & soda glazed
ta6765a crystal hoops
ta6771a gold bow tie bracelet
kr1202 cherry closed hollow form with pyrogra
kr1207 cherry closed hollow form with pyrogra
kr1208 cherry closed hollow form with pyrogra
kr1209 poplar closed hollow form with pryrogr
kr1211 norfolk island pine closed hollow form
ta6928a crystal hoops
tv101.1536 lagoon 18" copper fresh water cult
tv430.103 lagoon gold brushed brass box chain
tv198.3237 lagoon large organic fresh water b
tv595.261 lagoon baby briolette with chrysoph
tv595.263 lagoon big brio burst of mystic cor
tv595.282 lagoon chrysophrase briolette on go
tv223.1248 sand layers with bone, white turqu
tv595.249 sand baby brio with mystic corrundu
tv595.250 sand brass with pearl chalcedony ta
tv595.251 sand wispy jingles with mystic corr
ta6563a clay faberge earrings
ta6984a black chandeliers earrings
ta7114 jonquil dangles earrings
jcq092 when poppies bloomed
jcq097 country road
rd073 "chili" a new demon jug
jas026 parkway sunset
jas027 calderwood lake
jas030 pilot mountain from beech gap
ta5816 small adjustable copper ring
ta6570 gold-filled woven wonder cuff
rd075 harlequin
gg482 doll chair, available in many colors
tv430.101 bohemian collection bracelet brass
tv595.224 bohemian collection pear hoop earr
tv595.236 bohemian collection brio bursts ear
tv595.234 bohemian bead bursts earrings
tv427.133 bohemian collection magnet wrap bra
tv427.115 magnet wrap bracelet
tv198.3238 coral collection coral and bronze
tv595.217 coral collection peach coral and br
ta7174awire wrapped copper ring
ta7175a wire-wrapped gold filled ring
ta6146a captured clay
ta6767a black forest
ta7231a bold bangle
ta7239a little crystal dangles
ta7240a aluminum squiggles
ta7245a tiger eye necklace
ta6446 chocolate and brass
kr1212 honey locust vessel with pyrography en
ta6981a copper and clay dangles
ta7260 copper tube cuff
ta7269 silver serpent ring
ta7270 dipped silver earrings
ta7273 black dragonflies earrings
pre1294 fine silver earrings - kanji enamel "
pre1301 leaf series pendant
pre1306 fine silver pendant with dichroic gla
pre1307 fine silver freeform pendant w/garnet
pre1308 fine silver freeform pendant
pre1309 fine silver freeform pendant
pre1310 fine silver freeform pendant with gar
pre1311 fine silver pendant floral with dichr
pre1312 fine silver champleve enamel pendant
jas034 once upon a time
cp054 wishful thinking
ta7276 fine silver ring
ta7237 silver bowtie bracelet
ta7061 mango corkscrew earrings
ta7083 medium adjustable copper ring
ta7288 oceanbling earrings
ta6557 clay medallions
ta7124 inlaid turquoise wood bracelet
ta7281 hollow silver tears earrings
ta7282 aluminum raindrop earrings
ta7283 jungle tears earrings
ta7287 ocean bling necklace
ta7296 copper wrist relic
ta5702 amethyst crosses earrings
rd088 "bottom feeder"
ta6150 dangerous curves copper ring
ta6703 bronze bicones earrings
ta7096 dangerous curves ring
ta7313 chaos and crystals earrings
vb022 the elusive unicorn
rd089 "bottom feeder eater"
ta6502 ancient clay dangles
ta6509 triangles and hematite