placemat, hawaiian three graces
placemat, three musicians subdued in harmony
emgee ornament_santa on the phone
emgee ornament_angel playing piano
emgee ornament_reindeers around small table
emgee ornament_santa house
hawaiian barkcloth kapa sample book
grey pearl earrings
pink earrings
the outlaw, #23/1000
bronco buster _91/1000
polynesian voyaging canoe
mountain (haiku valley o'ahu)
manoa rainforest xvii: large valley fantasy
manoa rainforest iii: wrapped rainforest
inside the rainforest
kaneohe oahu
natural black tahitian keshi pearl necklace
english victorian vanity set
map of honolulu 1810
viva la venezia (long live venice)
near vezelay, autumn
vue sur le lac "view of the lake"
dick bong's 22nd victory
building fort george tubuai
ben franklin
passion on the pond
tahitian pearl pendant iii (p-3)