calvary with three crosses (the crucifixion)
a view of christmas harbour, in kerguelen’s l
the inside of a hippah, in new zealand
a view of anamooka
a boxing match in hapee
a night dance by men in hapee
poulaho, king of the friendly islands, drinki
the natche, a ceremony in honour of the king'
a human sacrifice in a morai, otaheite
the body of tee, a chief, as preserved after
a dance in otaheite
a young woman of otaheite dancing
a sea otter
a view of snug corner cove in prince william
a man of prince william sound
a woman of prince william sound
a woman of oonalashka
canoes of oonalashka
the tschuktschi, and their habitations
sea horses
inhabitants of norton sound, and their habita
caps of the natives of oonolashka
natives of oonolashka, and their habitations
inside of a house in oonolashka
a man of kamtschatka traveling in winter
a sledge of kamtschatka
a view of bolcheretzkoi, in kamtschatka
a white bear
a view of the town and harbour of st. peter a