reichenbachia: angraecum humblotii
reichenbachia: zygopetalum burtii
reichenbachia: odontoglossum naevium
reichenbachia: miltonia phaelaenopsis
kilauea and rain forest
ben norris: american modernist, 1910-2006 (so
captain cook entering kealakekua bay in 1779
screen #8, japanese 4-panel textile screen
ni'ihau shell lei - 3 strands
screen #5, japanese 2 panel
still life fruits
seascape with seagulls
wine orchids
salmon poinsettas
chinese bird cage
spear thrower, 39/200
summer wind
green pigeons
red hind
aala saloon (photo reproduction)
fort street (photo reproduction)
four men on a bench
ivy on wagon wheel planter
at the race 1
at the race 2
two ships at sea
pa ‘i ‘ipu
untitled, hawai‘i