winter sky
in the green
by the water's edge
bright winter day
keeping watch
among the pines
winter's stream
hidden current
a winter's day
across the bay
city lights
tree line
autumn daze ii
north of the city
the meeting
silent shores
distant teal
water's edge ii
red lilies
dreaming of venice
road into the woods
autumn glory
dirt road into the forest
winter stroll
where does the path lead?
where giants stretch
from within
autumn path
sound of silence
brightening a winter day
tuscan stairs
all things tuscan
rock series 1
rock series 2
fall splendor
chantry island blues
the island
summer's end
heart of the lake
country settings
the welsh manor
lighthouse lookout
keeping watch at strawberry island
18 x 24 series ii
16 x 16 series viii
18 x 24 series v
18 x 24 series iv
18 x 24 series iii
18 x 24 series i
16 x 16 series vi
16 x 16 series vii
killarney 10.10.
winter in kolapore
winter journey
winter across the bay commission
west wind blows study
where i find myself
summer daydream
spirit bird 2
dream owl 2
farmer's watcher
killarney friend
fresh powder
go with the flow
dusk settles in
killarney lighthouse
evening stillness
thornbury waterfront
riding the wave
early snow
6 x 6 yellow i
shelby commission
second harvest
early spring
front bear
moose in the mist
after the rain (killarney)
summer on the bay
wide reach
the pathway home
david narian commission
northern georgian bay commission
autumn blaze commission
a beautiful morning with you
winter fir ii
off the beaten path
experience canada
snow day
birch walk
through the window
facing winter