red delicious
apples & linen towel
apples & checkered tray
still life with eight pears
twelve apricots
napa valley greens
roasted cauliflower artichoke soup
strawberry and blueberry crumble
peach pie fruit salad
strawberry banana bread
red lyon tractor
ariella's vineyard
wayne thiebaud - "city's edge" 1/60 1988
darrell forney - study for sacramento savings
david gilhooly - vegetarian sam francis
phil gross - bar glass c. 2006
alan post - cellist
alan post - french postman
joan moment - untitled
michael coates - obelisk
john ford - wine with castle view
jimmy suzuki - dufy
jimmy suzuki - unknown title
william wheeler - walker creek
jack stuppin - untitled
william wheeler - heron
jim albertson - nude 1