traicion (sold)
desde las nubes
simplemente paris
renacer (sold)
paseo en el desierto (sold)
destellos al amanecer (sold)
rapsodia de pasion (sold)
aromas de ilusion (sold)
la ventana azul (sold)
sinfonia en azul (sold)
sound of silence (sold)
mistic kismet (sold)
fantasia en azul (sold)
antillean bewitchment
ensonacion entre columnas (sold)
entre bambues (sold)
rainy afternoon (sold)
red ribbon
berenice ( donated )
melodias al atardecer (sold)
sinfonia tropical (sold)
girasoles en la noche (sold)
margaritas al aire (sold)
love breeze (sold)
satin soul
silent memories (sold)
flirting shadows (sold)
prayer of the soul
bliss of color (sold)
luminous memories (damaged)
la colada (sold)
blue (sold)
unchained souls
fragilidad (sold)
rosas (sold)
amanecer de el avila (property of the artist)
azure (sold)
timeless moments
spring breeze (sold)
serene integrity (sold)
inmensity (sold)
symphony of colors (sold)
the corner
colorful reflections (donated-bsac)
dancing clouds ( sold)
sea breeze (sold)
dreamy sunset (auctioned)
harbor lights ii (sold)
harbor lights (sold)
flying nature
the lighthouse
rhapsody of colors
stolen heart
seductive serenity (sold)
blessed spirits
el canto de la brisa
silencio del amanecer
golden hair girl
silent afternoon (sold)
the green door and the dove
whispers of the soul ( sold)
colorful plaza
a new day
morning lights (sold)
timelessness in jaffo
fall mirrors ( donated to the latin center o
melody's in black and white
morning joy
contemplation l (sold)
contemplation ll
contemplation lll (sold)
symphony of a summer dream (sold)
prayer of jabez
a brown bag "inspiration" (sold)
three brown bags (sold)
two brown bags
afternoon light over brown bag
jute bag with tulip bulbs
a hat a bottle and a brown bag
dry flowers in a bag and can
brown bag in blue symphony
red bugainvilleas in red bag
the black rose and the brown bag
brown bag and lace
brown bags in autumn colors
memories and brown bags
brown bag and red box
a butterfly over a brown bag
the secret behind the brown bags
mezuzah cases
blue butterflies over brown bag