imagine the light
les chums de l'ecole
sentiments humains
inside me
new delicacy
sensualite feminine
come as you are
monday blues
cctv series #1762
georgian study #1
tuscan study #2
georgian study 2
georgian study #3
georgian study #4
georgian study #5
white tulips
our winter fun comm
marsh 05092016-6
ocean 10172015-11
landscape 10012015-11
brilliant disguise
burnt marble
hog's back falls
red & yellow
ottawa bike path
tulips by parliament b/w
tulips by major's hill park b/w
tulips by national gallery b/w
onyx & alabaster #6
artist within thunderbird
good sons
untitled (purple)
canal by bank st.
reaching the sky
yellow tulips
parliament lookout
tulips by major's hill park
missy's trail
spring again
spring surrender
garden mosaic
rail bridge 16x16
rail bridge 10x10
ladies in white
cheryl's choice
joy of spring
un air d'ete
l'autobus du matin
vivre a la campagne
artist in residence #6
artist in residence #8
summer canal b/w
canal dusk b/w
canal dusk colour
red tulips national gallery
fall for ottawa
yellow tulips major's hill park
canal dusk colour
red/white tulips
red tulips national gallery
locks from above b/w
untitled #973
untitled #983
mc #468
in bloom
mystery morning
le temps des pommes
la belle vie
northern marsh
path by bank st. bridge
path by bank st. bridge b/w
marsh pool giclee
where the light slips in
gentle sway
where a heart waits
point prim, pei
mississippi river
mountain stream
pres de st-irenee, charlevoix
north cape pei
ruiter creek, dunkin l'estrie
gatineau river
rock outcrop, mulvihill lake
lighthouse grand manan isle
swamp, gatineau park
les chutes, la petite nation
new hampshire beeches
winter spruce
couleurs d'hiver petite riviere rouge
pine tree at kingsmere
rock outcrop, l'estrie
riviere missisquoi nord
woodland creek
forest water
la petite cascade, plaisance