september twilight (6/25)
strong shadows carmel valley
garzas canyon
clouds over carmel valley
going home
l' opera
sunshine in the valley
toro park
impenetrable oaks
hilltop beyond the trees
carmel valley view
carmel valley hilltop i
afternoon shadows
flower romance
romeo and juliet
horsedrawn cart
evening cypress
afternoon serenade
coastal pines
la madeleine
crystal and roses
shoppers at rest
just looking at you
rooster ii
king of the yard
the quiet side
sky over venice
portrait d'une femme
morning reflection
pastel floral
portrait de la femme a la robe bleu
le portrait de catherine
fruits de la mer
pine coast
cypress breakers
pacific opus big sur
venetian sails
san marco venice
castle overlooking the sea
moonlight over the pacific
oregon coast line
pacific sunset
canals venice
evening promenade
still life grapes & peaches
omnibus in paris
still life grapes & apples
paris inthe rain
st. marks square venice
venice by moonlight
making repairs
santa maria della rosario
chiesa della salute
canal traders
venetian sails
leaving venice
safe mooring
taking on supplies
harvest time
moonlit harbor
santa maria della salute
blossoms and fruit
grand canal venice
port of entry
still life pears
still life apples & grapes
notre dame after the rain
place du chatelet
in the garden
paris market
over the canal
flower market
still life peaches & grapes
booksellers paris
bateaux a corsis
last light
lover's cove spring light
grape harvest iv
grape harvest i
lovers cove sunday
a solitary moment
cannery row spring
harbor seal club whaler's cove
flowers in a blue vase
beauty of italy
memories of italy
view of the coast
first snow
el paseo stroll
just grazin'
scene du port aux environs de naples
chaumieres a quintin
french landscape
who has arrived