still life at the gallery
upisland day lilies
edgartown yc regatta
vineyard farm
marsh detail
red pilings
jester diamond (matted)
jester ii (matted)
three beatles (matted)
old sculpin gallery iii
celebration i
scallops and whelk 1/1 (matted)
good day for sailing 1/1 (matted)
vineyard flag
lamberts cove sunset iii
lambert's cove sunset ii
lambert's cove sunset xii
garden veggies (on wood)
gold and rust 3/250
shell dream 3/250
reflective moment 3/10
reflection hydra 6/250
passion flower 2/100
girlfriends 2/100
house with blue doors 20/250
walkers 2/25
twins 12/250
rachmaninoff 3/100 (matted)