oak bluffs harbor 1985 b2
roth woodlands 1986 b2
charlotte's gardens 1989 b2
eel pond 1992 b2
eel pond 1992 b1
sand, squibnocket 1980 b2
sand, squibnocket 1980 b1
lagoon ii 1985 b2
quitsa pond 1990 b2
lucy vincent beach ii 1994 b2
brookside farm ii 1990 b2
lagoon iii 1985 b2
lagoon ii 1983 b2
north shore 1994 b2
cow bay 1991 b2
state beach 1992 b2
cow bay 1991 b1
angelique and curly pine side table
9-17-210 square and dot chip band
roadside treasures
shadow syndrome
sleepy pond
north tisbury 1987 b1
ocean park house ii 1991 b1
7-16-4 platinum faldetta pendant with diamond
allen whiting, a painter at sixty
harthaven ii 1992 b2
lambert's cove