strolling in the sand, 1971
morning glory farm book
the duffy
young rider
rudy drakes, male and female
rainbow farm
9-10-775 wavy solitaire 18k pink tourmaline w
sonny, retired dog
diplomystus #16
ray ellis - in retrospect, a painter's journe
frank adams inspired two masted square rigged
frank adams inspired two masted fisherman sta
frank adams inspired three masted model
#1 munjina stone
noreena jasper (large)
fish fossil tile (3x5) knightia
fish fossil tile (6x7) knightia
camp cove, maine
sunlit hay field
schooner, building a wooden boat on mv
birdhouse c
birdhouse d
birdhouse e
paper trail
hills and sunset
portrait of ruth white
ray ellis