northern gannet and tinkers
the rigger
under sea
the rigger (study)
blue dart (study)
stepping the mast - alabama
scarlet (study)
may wall
cresting wave
view from my studio - deep bottom cove
speedo man on bicycle
basket weaver print
safta's quilt
lagoon 2009 on canvas
moonrise over lucy vincent beach, chilmark, m
2-1-233 rock hammered narrow diamond cuff, sm
6-3-317 turquoise bead necklace, 20"
7-10-385 oval peridot "amy" pendant
9-10-720 landscape ring, 18k/22k/platinum, be
9-10-880 rockhammered tanzanite ring, 18k
9-10-850 ocean solitaire sun/wave ring
6-10-88 one-of-a-kind opal pearl and branch n
chilmark pond
january snow / eyc
near the race track 1978
stone by design