sold- "waiting for trouble"
sold- "deer trail"
sold- "sun on his face"
sold- "miss smith"
sold- "wonders of heaven"
sold- "facing the storm"
sold- "pale trio"
a new work- "fast pony"
sold- "above the clouds"
sold- "river shadows"
sold- "a mother's day gift"
sold- "slow to cross"
a new work- "the line rider"
kbe switzerland/ fly twa
gl001 - wilanowskie/ orangerie-shell-skull -
amaretti di saronno
loterie nationale (girl with tickets - lot de
bk004 - let's go canada
reynard teinturier
tessin, switzerland
twa boston
vivor (water damaged, don't list)
kbe - 1940s original swiss french poster, lot
loterie nationale (saisissez la fortune)
messageries maritimes
tonton bonbon
la femme dans la decoration moderne