lg-emb - white sailboat
lg-emb - edgartown light
lg-emb - 3 red sails
lg-cir - dirt road
sm-chrm - opti
lg-cfs - golf green cuff links
lg-cfs - island pink cuff links
back of barns
quansoo beach, 2016
up hill
ceramic 2018 horseshoe crab, mini
small whelk, glass
large whelk, glass
low tide sky
morning bouquet
back porch
lucy vincent surf
rounding the marker
calmness in fog
north shore breakwater
bridge to mink meadows beach
quansoo dune, late afternoon
b-605 mixed metal bracelet
b-607 large frame mixed metal bracelet
light and line ii
barn sunset
nailed it
sunset at the campground
sunset #2