fog at sunset
we need rain
boats behind the jetty
walking on cape dunes
twilight palette
pear of three
coming home, back to the island
less is more
waking up
haven farm
day break farm
storage barn
summer field (triptych)
days gone by
beach road headlights
tashmoo day marker
#134 med-sq sand dollar
6-3-143 kyanite rondelles, citrine, peruvian
6-3-351 aquamarine bead necklace
6-3-359 lava rock necklace
7-8-543 mini landscape diamond pendant
7-8-552 landscape diamond disc pendant
9-10-898 aquamarine chip rail ring
9-10-908 pink sapphire rockhammered ring
9-8-646 landscape band
9-8-626 cube diamond stacking 18ky ring
9-10-860 blue/green tourmaline box ring