sailor and mermaids on stilts
skateboard triptych: quality meats for the pu
campbell's soup
tidal marsh ii
small pond in a meadow 1991
barn in the corner, 2009
clearing 1991
dreams of putt-putt
night work
black crowned night heron
dusky smoothhound
deserted farm house, marlboro, vt 1976
view of chappy cliffs
beach mist remembered
cardinals in tree overlooking farmhouse in sn
cowboy with horse
seaside view
winter scene with cowboy
down the road
no. 1 girl with cat
spring through the window 1956
#189 mvy woodcut
#193 oval cufflinks- lacrosse sticks
#195 sm square- lavender sky
#197 lrg circle- duck and ducklings
#200 sm square- red sail
view of chappy cliffs