star with chai and chain ~ sterling silver
ani l'dodi watercolor print
blue dawn ketubah
ice hockey kids mezuzah
wedding cup and velvet bag by gary rosenthal
seven species papercut ketubah
shardz tube mezuzzah
skyline of jerusalem
"double mobius star pendant - silver 3/4"""
square tzedukah box ~ 7.5 in
presidential menorah with glass
1938 tallis and bag
shardz entwined rings mezuzzah
clay rosh hodesh pin
round dreidel~blue
round dreidel~multi
yad stand
star of david glass bookends
sports - oyrobics by martin holt
shardz picture frame
jerusalem micography
classic gold star with no bale
song of songs - rose
framed baby blessing
shardz circinaire candlesticks
star cutout spoon
a15 menorah
helitzer passover cups ~ elijah
bar mitzvah bookends - haftorah portion
glass talis clips
stars! pink iridescence necklace
seek peace- framed
justice - framed
song of songs by gad almaliah
beaded 1787 tallis & bag set
intertwining trees ketubah
happy couple wedding mezuzzah
divided salt water bowl
perfection ketubah - blue/burgundy
shabbat by blumenfeld
chamsa glass bookends
learn serigraph
two souls
ceramic etrog holder
kosher scroll
i have found the one in whom my soul delights
suede kippah - abstract
chai star iii ketubah
seasons ketubah watercolor
come my beloved to the field
blue collage menorah
lyrical chuppah
priestly blessing - english
tree of life - matzah plate
tallit bag - jerusalem ~ painted
organza 2339 tallis & bag set
bar mitzvah bookend - men of the bible
torah mantle ~ needlepoint canvas
multicolor sunburst apple & honey set
night sky ketubah
horizon tallis and bag
chai ii by abecassis
sabbath by abecassis
14k two-tone wedding ring - channel set
carpe diem ~ steel
vines ketubah
tree of life glass menorah
blessing art - joy ~ 12x12
ballerina mezuzzah
chuppah ketubah
tulip menorah by quest
art deco menorah by quest
woven series ~ seder plate
eden ketubah
parting of the sea menorah
black fusion menorah
shomerit yisrael – guardian of israel
priestly blessing - framed
jerusalem hillside menorah
synagogue in frankfurt
synagogue in amsterdam
harmony ketubah by stephanie adler
mediterranean seder plate & matzah plate
mediterranean matzah plate
ahava mezuzah with shards in tube
puzzel menorah
nine dreidels
beaded 2169 talis and bag
round jerusalem ketubah
crystal wave menorah
ornament rimon
ballerina glass menorah by baskin
temple menorah
lion of judah ii menorah by susan fullenbaum
i am my beloved's by samy briss
meadow by the sea
mountain menorah