ripple effect
portrait of a horse: winston
snorkeling bear, 1/30
summer sails
monkey artist
luxury fire & ice
the price you pay, 2017
sculpture ctesias (unicorn)
pierre, 2018
every action's an act of creation, 2018
planting seeds in a garden you never get to s
glory days, 2017
my aim is true
flown too close to the sun
for the first time, i'm thinking past tomorro
i reach out from the inside, 2017
vanity of vanitas, all is vanity (i), 2018
love conquers all (i), 2018
allegra, 2017
gucci piccolo i, 2018
gucci piccolo ii, 2018
gucci baby bee, 2017
hermes blueprint
dolce & gabbana rose gold drip, 2018
hermes mini drip stitch pink ii, 2017
hermes mini drip stitch gold ii, 2017