six string livin' #1
i live the blues #5
echoes #7
jessie- chopper girl pinup
sailor girl pin up
manhattan girl pinup
the anniversary wine
scotch for two
rhapsody in color
sapphire blossom
sunrise in bloom
color exposure
coral elegance
devil ray- teal & blue w/ black flames
devil ray- violet and purple w/ teal flames
sea turtle- natural w/ purple & black flames
sea turtle natural w/ gold
bull shark black w/ chameleon flames
bull shark teal and blue w/ black flames
tiger shark black w/ red ghost flames
hammerhead shark silver w/ skulls-red
mako shark- realistic fire
hammerhead headmount- purple & violet w/ blac
hammerhead headmount-charcoal w/ teal & blue
mahi-mahi gold, green & blue w/ black flames
dolphin- green & teal w/ black flames
sailfish-purple &violet
snow white and the seven dawrfs table